The theme of the new edition was revealed on Thursday, on Star Wars Day, as well as the collaboration established between Comic Con Portugal and the Atlantic Front (Matosinhos, Porto and Gaia). The theme of the upcoming edition is “Celebrating 10 Years of Comic Con Portugal” and its main focus is on comic books and comic book culture, where fans can meet creators, experts and each other.

CEO of Comic Con Portugal, Paulo Rocha Cardoso stressed the importance of the partnership achieved between Comic Con Portugal and the three cities, which were the deciding factor in moving the event to the North of Portugal.

The CEO explained that the three cities of Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia are prepared to meet the needs of an event of this size and will enable Comic Con Portugal to keep up with the demand of the Film and TV industry, Video Games, Literature and Comics as well as create the necessary conditions needed to host thousands of fans who come to the event.

The CEO also praised that the partnership is not only limited to the event, but also to the various activities that will take place throughout the year up until the next edition in 2024, in the three municipalities.

In 2014, Comic Con Portugal created an industry event for fans, bringing together in one space the great brands of Pop Culture, both nationally and internationally. Fans confirmed that there was a great need for these types of events in Portugal, a concept that did not exist until that point and then with the support of industries and partners, it would become one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.

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The Future!

The next edition will celebrate ten years of Comic Con Portugal, with the expectation of being the biggest event ever, in every aspect. “Be Whatever You Want” is once again the motto of the event and the soul of Comic Con Portugal.

In a year of celebration, what better place than the one where it all began. The organisation of the event also assumes that it is with a special feeling that returns in 2024 to Exponor. The 2024 edition will feature the largest area (200,000 square metres) and the largest covered area ever (more than 60,000 square metres) creating as well outdoor spaces. The parking areas and surrounding areas within Exponor also will be available to all who are part of this event.

Finally, this edition will be a memorable one with the celebration of a decade of Pop Culture at its heart and where the organisation, together with all its partners, count on the presence of everyone in 2024.

Tickets are now available on the event's official website, with an Early Bird Campaign until May 31.