The last general policy debate with the prime minister, in parliament, took place on 22 March.

At the end of today's meeting, the spokeswoman for the conference of leaders, Socialist deputy Maria da Luz Rosinha, indicated that on May 24, within two weeks, there will be a "current debate requested by the PSD on rural fires".

On the same day, a bill will be debated that revises the legal regime for explosive products and dangerous substances and a draft resolution by Chega that recommends the creation of a national water network.

Political declarations are planned for the 25th and the following day a bill will be debated that authorises the Government to approve a new legal regime for the public service of transporting passengers by taxi, a PSD bill on social benefits and PCP law on compensation in case of accidents at work.

On June 1, World Children's Day, a Liberal Initiative bill and several resolutions "on the creation of child provider and other matters related to children and their well-being" will be debated, said the spokesperson.

On the same day, a PS draft resolution on “adherence to the European Charter for Minority Languages” and petitions on “quality of life for people with diabetes” and “against hatred on the internet” will also be debated on the same day.

The next day, parliament will debate draft resolutions and BE laws on “code of conduct in higher education institutions in cases of harassment” and the creation of the “legal type of crime of sexual harassment and reinforcement of protection for the victim”, indicated the socialist deputy.

The deputies will also discuss two bills from the regional legislative assemblies of Madeira and the Azores, and procedural votes are also planned.