The initial prediction of Metropolitano de Lisboa was that circulation on these two sections would be interrupted between May 2nd and July 7th, due to line expansion works.

The chairman of the board of directors of Metropolitano de Lisboa (AML), Vítor Domingues, revealed a set of measures to “mitigate the constraints” caused by the provisional closure of Telheiras station and the Campo Grande section.

The resumption of circulation of trains with six carriages (maximum capacity) on the Green line and with four on the Odivelas/Campo Grande section from June 20 was one of the measures announced by the president of ML.

Normal circulation with full capacity on the Yellow and Green lines will resume on July 8, from 6:30 am.

The ML administration also announced that it will provide shuttle buses between Cidade Universitária and Campo Grande on Sporting match days (May 13th and 21st), at Estádio José de Alvalade, and Bênção das Fitas (May 20th).

ML will also reinforce the teams, with its own staff, at the Campo Grande station and at others (where justified) to help people move around, for passengers to enter and exit trains.

"Metropolitan regrets the inconvenience caused, but reaffirms that these constraints on the operation of the transport service are essential for the execution of the works", said Vítor Domingues.

Constraints on the circulation of the Lisbon metro have been the target of various criticisms by users, mayors and environmentalists.