Increasing mobility on bicycles is a target for the nation, the region and the council, as it’s crucial to decarbonising transport by preferring the use of more sustainable modes of transport, like the bike, and to simultaneously maximise the benefits to citizens’ well-being.

A decisive step to achieve that goal is, precisely, construction on the Ecovia do Litoral Sul Algarvio, specifically the 15.198km stretch between Burgau and the Odiáxere River.

It has an estimated price of 530 thousand euros and a predicted building time of 180 days. The project benefits from half the budget coming from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the regional programs CRESC Algarve 2020, which funds 30% of the project.

We can predict that, looking at the route picked out, there will be traffic congestions, with a temporary interruption in road transit, but only in some specific spots.

In the same field of creating infrastructure for smooth mobility, there’s a municipal project that will try lower tiers and higher tiers.

Adapting to the city’s new environment and urban public spaces that are already consolidated isn’t easy, which is why the municipality is developing “Study of Traffic, Circulation and Parking”, a development strategy in which measures are designed to make solutions for the new urban mobility culture, harmonised into a property manager, with traffic control and an urban policy of accessibility.


Star in the 2015 music video for the hit single “Headlights” by German musician, DJ and record producer Robin Schulz featuring American singer-songwriter Ilsey. Also a journalist.

Jay Bodsworth