According to a note from his office, the program includes contact with the Portuguese community residing in the cities of The Hague and Amsterdam and, on Thursday morning, the president of the Portuguese parliament will speak at a conference at the University of Utrecht, dedicated to the theme “Public Governance and Institutions for Open Societies”.

“The visit will also provide an opportunity to hold bilateral political meetings, in Parliament, namely with the Vice-President of the Second Chamber and the President of the First Chamber”, adds the note.

On Thursday, in addition to the conference at the University of Utrecht and these political meetings, Santos Silva will have, in the afternoon, a meeting with students from the Portuguese community residing in the Netherlands at the Portuguese Embassy in The Hague, ending the day with a reception at Portuguese community, in the same city, on the occasion of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day.

Augusto Santos Silva's program in the Netherlands ends on Friday afternoon with a meeting with the Portuguese community at the Associação de Portugueses de Amsterdam and, on Saturday, he joins the last day of the official celebrations of the 10th of June, at Peso da Régua, district of Vila Real.