These are the two throughlines of the report proposal presented by socialist deputy Ana Paula Bernardo in a press conference, who sought to pass the idea of opening up in relation to the changes made to the original version of her document.

According to the deputy, “there weren’t any situations recorded of relevant proof of practiced interference in the management” by the ministries of Finance and Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, in the conclusions, it’s also recommended “a better articulation” to the other executive ministries for future cases in which public sector companies have shared ownership.

Another conclusion considered polemic on part of the deputy is relative to the lack of “evidence of any connection” between the exit of Alexandra Reis from TAP administration, a half a million-euro compensation, and its transfer soon afterwards to NAV leadership.

In the political plan, presented in the press conference, Ana Paula Bernardo was asked if the inclusion of references in the port to “negative impacts on TAP workers” throughout the company’s restructuring process aimed to earn an abstain by PCP.

Replying to this point, the socialist deputy didn’t touch the eventual political objectives of PS in terms of the final report’s voting but emphasised her experience as a UGT syndicalist.

To journalists Ana Paula Bernardo mentioned the results of the hearings done with syndicates during the parliamentary commission, in which it was concluded that “The restructuring plan had negative impacts on workers.”

“After the suspension of union agreements, emergency temporary contracts were signed between TAP and the syndicates” that saw “salary cuts between 20% and 50%,” which didn’t stop “a strong decline in worker numbers through mechanisms like the non-renewal of set-term contracts, agreed terminations and collective lay-offs.”

Parties can present an alteration to this preliminary version until July 10th. Discussion and voting on the parliamentary survey report is scheduled for July 13th and its judgement by the plenary is on July 19th.