In a statement, the institution led by Christine Lagarde, calls on European citizens to give their opinion, through a survey available on the ECB's website and running between today and August 31, on seven topics proposed for the new series of banknotes.

"We want Europeans to identify with the design of the euro banknotes, which is why they will have an active role in selecting the new theme", said the president of the ECB, quoted in a statement, about the banknotes that the central bank seeks to be safer and with less environmental impact.

Citizens will be able to give their opinion on the pre-selected themes, which include "our Europe, ourselves", "birds: free, resilient and inspiring", "European culture", "hands: together we build Europe", " the future belongs to you", "rivers: the waters of life in Europe" or "European values reflected in nature".

According to the institution, some of the selected themes are more abstract than others and the descriptions of the themes and the associated narratives "are only intended to convey the central idea, which will be developed and interpreted in the subsequent creation of the new design of the euro banknotes".

The ECB will use the results of the surveys to select, by 2024, the theme, which will be followed by a competition for the design of the new banknotes, with the ECB expected to decide in 2026 on the future design and the start of production and issue of the new banknotes.

"We are working on a new series of technically sophisticated banknotes, with a view to preventing counterfeiting and reducing the environmental impact", explained Fabio Panetta, member of the Executive Board of the ECB.