According to the orders published in Diário da República, amendments have been approved for the authorisations for the use of video surveillance systems approved for the municipalities of Portimão, in 2020, and Olhão, in 2022, in the district of Faro.

In the case of Portimão, the video surveillance system was authorized in August 2020, providing for the installation of 61 cameras, and went into operation on November 1, 2022, with 37 cameras, which allow “the coverage of the 24 previously identified locations” in a PSP memorandum, reads in the dispatch.

Already this year, the national director of the PSP asked, “under the terms of the law, the extension of the aforementioned video surveillance system to five new locations”, an amendment that the Secretary of State for Internal Administration, Maria Isabel Oneto, approved on 4 August and which has now been published in Diário da República.

The Diário da República also reports on the approval, by the minister, of the “alteration of the operating authorization of the video surveillance system installed in the municipality of Olhão, which now comprises 61 video surveillance cameras”.

In support of the decision, it is mentioned that the 2022 order “approved the renewal of the operating authorization, for a period of three years, of the video surveillance system, consisting of 26 cameras”, in Olhão, but the national management of the PSP asked for the change of authorisation to operate the system.