Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA), the Loulé-based charity, has recently introduced its country-wide pioneer Pet Legacy Plan (PLP). The PLP is yet another unprecedented project launched by ARA to protect and improve animal welfare nationwide.

The first of its kind Plan aims at tackling the problem of what happens to pets once their owners pass away or become incapacitated, with the sad reality being that most of these animals end up abandoned or living in deplorable conditions in understaffed and overcrowded Municipal kennels.

With a growing number of people signing into the PLP, ARA is committed to take in the pets of those enrolled into its prime shelter, where they will find happy and loving homes when their owners can no longer be there for them.

With that in mind, ARA joined forces with Saar@Home, a Faro-based independent Health and Social Care company, with an Algarve and Cascais-wide reach. Saar specializes in providing specialised homecare services – anything from daily errands, live-in care, to accompaniment of medical appointments and terminal care – to those who are losing some of the means to do it themselves, but who do not wish or deserve to be deprived of their independence and dignity.

In this sense, ARA and Saar have partnered to provide a further service under the current Legacy Pet Plan, where patients can find some peace of mind regarding the future of their beloved pets. But the innovative partnership extends beyond the future care of pets and aims at tackling the problem of loneliness among the elderly, especially those who are housebound, by providing dogs and cats (suitable to their lifestyle requirements) who will keep the patients company, engaged and brighten up their days. With that in mind, ARA will also commit to matching particular pets to Saar’s clients according to their needs, without having them to leave the comfort of their homes and care.

The partnership ensures that both pets and people alike find purpose and a suitable home in the arms of those who will cherish and care for them forevermore.

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