The Watch is a 5 piece band from Milan, composed of Simone Rossetti (lead vocals, flute, keyboards, synthesisers), Valerio De Vittorio (keyboards, synthesisers, guitars, vocals), Mattia Rossetti (bass, guitars, vocals), Francesco Vaccarezza ( drums, percussion, vocals) and Giorgio Gabriel (lead guitars).

Their music is inspired by the classic progressive rock of the 70s and their first original album was released in 2001. Since then they have released several albums in 2004, 2007 and in 2009 they released their first live recording. Melodies and energy are the main features of The Watch music and live performances are one the strongest characteristics of the band, all the band’s energy and inspiration come out expressly when on stage, where it clearly appears how much they believe in what they do.

From 2009 The Watch are bringing on stage shows focused on Genesis albums with the attempt of blending great Genesis classic albums from the 70’s with their own music. Counting on Simone’s voice similarity to Peter Gabriel’s, this formula has worked very well and allowed the band to play on big stages, widening their audience and growing their fan base. Now The Watch are considered one of the most representative bands on the actual prog scene worldwide and an example of what could have become prog-rock music if big prog-rock names of the 70’s hadn’t split or changed their style of music.

After having performed in Portugal for the first time in 2022, they are now returning in September on their European Tour 2023 with the famous and iconic album Seconds Out, one of the best live albums by Genesis.

Their first concert will be at Salgados Palace on 19 September, then on to CAE in Figueira da Foz on the 21st, then Sá da Bandeira in Porto on the 22nd, ending in Lisbon in the classic Aula Magna room on the 23rd.

Tickets are on sale at

If you would like to go to the Algarve concert at Salgados, we have two pairs of tickets to give away to readers of The Portugal News. To be in with a chance of winning simply email your full name to - closing date Monday, 18 September.