Here is what you need to know according to Postal.

Car insurance

One of the most significant changes concerns the car insurance sticker. Until recently, it was mandatory to have a badge on the windshield proving the validity of the vehicle's insurance. The absence of this could result in fines starting at 250 euros.

However, this requirement has been repealed, meaning it is no longer necessary to have the insurance seal on the windshield. Instead, motorists can present a document proving the validity of the insurance when requested by the authorities.

Car inspection

Another important change occurred in 2012, when the car inspection sticker on the windshield was no longer mandatory. However, drivers are still required to have the vehicle inspection form in their possession.

If you do not have the form with you when requested, you could face a fine ranging between 60 and 300 euros. However, the legislator offers a period of eight days to present the form to the authority indicated by the inspection agent, reducing the fine to amounts between 30 and 150 euros.

It is important to highlight that the lack of mandatory inspection can result in much higher fines, ranging between 250 and 1250 euros. Therefore, it is crucial to meet inspection dates to ensure road safety.

Other mandatory documents

In addition to the stamps on the windshield, there are other mandatory traffic documents that all drivers must have up to date to avoid fines.

- Driving license. It must be valid and in accordance with the category of vehicle you are driving.

- Citizen card or personal identification document. You must have a valid personal identification document, such as a Citizen Card or passport, in your possession.

- Green card. If you plan to drive your vehicle abroad, you need a Green Card, which is proof of international car insurance.

- Single automobile document (DUA). If your vehicle is older, you will need the DUA or the registration booklet and title.

- Mandatory inspection form. Although the seal on the windshield is no longer mandatory, the vehicle inspection form is essential.

- Car insurance certificate. This document is essential to prove that the vehicle is insured.

The lack of any of these documents may result in a fine of 60 euros per missing document. If you present the documents within eight days, the fine can be reduced to 30 euros per document.