According to the same source, during this month of September, the PSP arrested five taxi drivers, aged between 30 and 65, joining a list of 15 arrests that had already been made between March and August of this year.

“These arrests arise from the search for information and the perception of a practice that has proven to be increasingly recurrent and in a certain way crystallized within passenger transport through the taxi service, and which negatively feeds the perception of the entire universe of customers who use these forms of transports, the vast majority of them tourists who travel to Lisbon”, explains a note released by Cometlis.

The PSP also states that the vehicles used to commit the crime of speculation were “cautiously seized”, in order to prevent new crimes of the same nature.

The detainees have already been present at the Public Prosecutor's Office, Local Instance of Petty Crime, and some have a history of committing this same crime.

“The PSP will continue to invest efforts in this criminal framework, aiming to prevent the recurrence of misleading practices by these commercial operators”, the PSP note also highlights.