The Greens defend in their bill that the ICNF must present, by March 31 of each year, a report that accounts for the occupation of the eucalyptus area in forest spaces, since it considers that the new law is "insufficient".

Speaking to Lusa, deputy Mariana Silva explained that there is no "direct problem with the law" that already exists, but recalled that measures were not taken "after the fires so that spontaneous growth does not happen".

“After the 2017 fires, there was uncontrolled spontaneous growth. Right now, there are already eucalyptus trees which are four / five metres in height, which makes us concerned because they grow in areas that they should be rural paths”, warned the deputy.

Within the same theme, the PAN political party presented a bill that foresaw the creation of the Monitoring Commission for the Vigilance, Prevention and Control of Natural Regeneration of Eucalyptus and Invasive of Woody Exotics and which determines the elaboration of a Control Plan for Natural Regeneration of Eucalyptus and Action for the Surveillance and Control of Exotic Woody Invasives.

The diploma was rejected with votes against PS, PSD, CDS-PP and Chega, abstention from PCP and Liberal Initiative and votes in favour of BE, PAN, PEV and the two non-registered deputies.

A bill from the Left Block was also rejected, which advocated the creation of a public network of nurseries for the growth of native species, recovery of burnt areas and transformation of the landscape.