The law states that it is mandatory for passenger transport operators to clean vehicles, following the recommendations established by the Ministry of Health.

The “reduction of the maximum number of passengers per transport to a third of the maximum number of available seats” is also established, aiming at this measure to guarantee the “adequate” distance between users and reduce the danger of contagion of the Covid-19.

These measures are determined by the members of the Government responsible for the area of ??transport, to whom they also establish "the concrete terms and conditions in which the transport of goods must occur throughout the national territory, in order to guarantee the respective supply".

The Minister of Transport may also take additional measures "which are appropriate and necessary to limit the circulation of public means of transport in order to preserve public health", as well as adopt acts deemed "adequate and indispensable to guarantee mobility services. , ordinary or extraordinary, in order to protect people and property "and maintain road, rail, port and airport infrastructures.