According to the Government decree that regulates the new state of emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic that takes effect at 00:00 am on 25 November, it will be prohibited to circulate between 11:00 on 27 November and 5:00 am on December 2 and between 11:00 pm on 4 December and 11:59 pm on 8 December, "except for health reasons or other reasons of imperative urgency".

The decree establishes 10 exceptions to the ban on movement between municipalities in mainland Portugal, namely travel for the performance of professional functions with a declaration issued by the employer or by the employee, in the case of self-employed workers.

Health professionals and workers from health and social care institutions, teachers and non-teaching staff from school establishments, civil protection agents, security forces, the military and inspectors from the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) do not require a declaration from the employer to circulate.

The holders of sovereign bodies, leaders of social partners and political parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic and “persons with free transit issued under legal terms” may also circulate between municipalities, as well as ministers of worship, staff of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations located in Portugal.

Travel to school establishments, day care centers, to participate in procedural acts and to attend public services is also permitted, provided that they have proof of their appointment.

The displacements required for "leaving continental national territory" and for "non-resident citizens to places of proven permanence" can also be carried out, such as "displacements for other imperative family reasons, namely parental responsibilities".

“Return to home” is also allowed.