Portugal receives 530 refugees

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So far, 530 people have arrived in our country under the Voluntary Resettlement Program of UNHCR and the European Commission.

Under the Voluntary Program for the Resettlement of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 23 citizens benefiting from refugee status from Turkey and Egypt arrived in Portugal yesterday.

Seven families from Iraq, Sudan and South Sudan were welcomed in Braga.

So far, 530 people have arrived in our country under the Voluntary Resettlement Programme of UNHCR and the European Commission. Of these, 245 arrived from Egypt and 285 from Turkey.

The reception and integration of refugee people have been a priority of the Government, in a continuous effort that involves central State and local authorities, as well as public and private entities, and which has been recognized by the United Nations, the International Organization for Migration, the Union European Union and the Council of Europe.

This priority has been translated into Portugal's active participation in the European effort to welcome refugees, by supporting the European Commission's proposals for the construction of a common European asylum policy, based on the principles of responsibility and solidarity, in the respect for the dignity of the human person and in combating trafficking in human beings.


Who wants to be part of a cultural Stew in Portugal?
Small countries do not have a say, and many people lose everything... some even their families. First of All, no one wants to move from their beloved Country against their will.
Millions of them have to rewind their beliefs or force those who receive them, to change their social ways of living, that is why citizens who love their Countries are fed up with pocket politicians. Please do not let national foreigners change the Constitution, my Beautiful Country, my cultural Beliefs or my Flag ☮

By inacio from Other on 22-02-2021 03:50

Good luck to PT with integrating...as Portugal has become way more liberal over the past 20 years, I find these immigrating countries to be socially retarded and completely against the grain of what PT has become. Interesting decision by the Government, especially when many Portuguese are hungry and going broke because of a lack of State support.

By Martim Lucena from USA on 06-12-2020 03:39

They havent respected any customs... just look at England. Germany. France, etc. Take care of your own first, then take care of others. People never learn

By Chuck from Lisbon on 02-12-2020 04:05

Hey Prince Awodike, how are you going to emancipate your continent when you're sending messages from Lisbon? I think you're in the wrong place.

By Tony B from USA on 01-12-2020 10:14

Portugal doesn't take care of their own, but lets take in refugees...Tell me what these refugees going to contribute to Portugal economy? Keep on take them. Do you think foreigners will want to spend their ££$$ and vacation time in a country full of refugees. There goes your tourism out the door. The young generation leave as they can't find jobs.

By Sprite from USA on 29-11-2020 09:41

Hopefully they integrate and respect Portuguese customs

By Lob from Algarve on 29-11-2020 03:03

Acho que tantos de nos Portuguese adoravamos regressar ao nosso pais.. nao podemos porque nao ha trabalho, ou somos mal pagos... saude precaria, mas no entanto recebemos refugiados!!! Este mundo esta triste. Eu tenho que estar refugiada noutro pais para ter qualidade de vida e anda o governo a ajudar outros. Tenho meu irmao detido na turquia ha 5 anos. em codicoes terriveis, é agredido pelos guardas por ser cristao, passa fome, ninguem fala portugues ou ingles, ele nao cuminica com ninguem... a nao ser 20m por semana comigo ou minha mae. A Embaixada em Ankara é uma vergonha nao fazem nada para ajudar, tenho centenas de emails nem respondem... EU temos escrevido para presidente, e todos os lados possiveis e imaginarios, ninguem nos ajuda a transferir ele para Portugal
. Mas no entanto recebem estrangeiros de bracos abertos. Aposto que dao casa, comida e dinheiro. Nao ha justica neste mundo....

By Sandra Monteiro from Açores on 29-11-2020 01:24


By PRINCE TOCHUKWU AWODIKE from Lisbon on 29-11-2020 09:24

If i remember correctly, Portugal is on the low end of Europe for resettling refugees and that is lessened by the fact that many do not stay in Portugal - of course many Portuguese are not staying in Portugal either so there's that...but a little context would really help this story.

By Daniel Rooney from Other on 29-11-2020 12:17

You have to ask France and Germany with all the refugees they've in how's that been working for them.

By Tony B from USA on 28-11-2020 07:39

Let's hope these people recognise how fortunate they are. That they are 'guests' and demonstrate their gratitude and behave with the responsibility that goes hand in hand with freedom.

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 28-11-2020 03:38
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