“Being captain of the Portugal team is one of the greatest pride and privileges of my life. I always give and will give everything for my country and that will never change. But there are difficult times to deal with, especially when we feel that an entire nation is being harmed”, said Cristiano Ronaldo, in a message on social networks.

The Portuguese football team drew 2-2 with Serbia, after reaching the half time point ahead by two goals to nil during the second round of European Group A qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Belgrade.

The comments came following the controversial moment in the game when Ronaldo “scored” a goal which was not allowed by the referee in the dying moments of the game which would have seen Portugal go ahead and win.

With no VAR available at the ground in Belgrade, there was no opportunity for the goal to be given, leading to Ronaldo protesting the decision and storming off the pitch at the final whistle while throwing his captain’s armband to the floor.

Cristiano Ronaldo finished his post on social media stating “We will keep our heads up and face the next challenge now”