Thousands march against proposed ban of far-right party

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Thousands of people took to the streets of Lisbon on Sunday to protest a call for the far-right anti-immigration Chega party to be banned.

The demonstrators chanted leader André Ventura’s name as security forces struggled to enforce social distancing guidelines against the spread of Covid-19.

Ventura, an ally of France’s Marine Le Pen and Italy’s Matteo Salvini, has floated the idea of a special anti-Covid quarantine for Portugal’s minority Roma. Ventura has seen his popularity soar and captured almost 12 percent of the vote in a presidential election in January.

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I support the CHEGA party. I am myself an immigrant and know that André Ventura wants what is best for the country and that is, what is right, legal and human. I agree above with Piers Corbin about the ruling party that is going to kill innocent people with their experimental vaccination program. I can see that CHEGA will fight this! CHEGA!

By Niel from Beiras on 23-04-2021 02:25

CHEGA is not anti-immigration, that is a HUGE misconception! CHEGA want legalized immigration, they understand the importance of immigration, Andre Ventura himself was an immigrant in Ireland, but legally! Legal immigrants, people that work, that pay taxes, that are a benefit for the country, no he doesn't want illegal immigrants that don't pay taxes, live off government economic help, government housing, etc... Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong to have the public services be for Portuguese people or immigrants that have earned their right to use them? I personally don't think so.
CHEGA is not against people of different religions, what they are is pro-life, therefore against abortion, usually where religion is concerned only Catholics and Christians are against abortion but that doesn't make them intolerant or against any other religion.
CHEGA has been helping the poor, fighting for legal rights and protection for women and children in domestic violence situations, fighting for stay at home moms, fighting against LGBTQ+ brainwashing kids in Portuguese schools, fighting for parents to have the right to raise their children with the education and moral each family believes in, it's the only political party to fight against illegal economic prosperity (like the Socrates case), fighting against corruption, fighting for the workers for once instead of the laid back parasites of society that want to live off the government.

By Sofia from Other on 21-04-2021 12:00

Chega is a far right party. They ally with LePen and Salvini, both leaders of far right parties. Chega openly demonizes immigrants and non-Christians, and pushes xenophobic policies - which is a far right tactic. Anyone calling the Socialists "nazis" needs to read a book - all they are doing is proving they are also part of the ignorant far right, as the xenophobic comments here prove.

By Padraic Williams from Beiras on 20-04-2021 09:53

The 'racism' problem in Portugal can be shown by these commenters! Portugal is for the Portuguese and that we foreigners are reading it wrongly. That it is not racism but patriotism.

The Council of Europe see it differently :

By Sybil Wright from USA on 20-04-2021 07:22

Hugely significant that the main Government PR news for Portugal Residents (below) only counts a couple of hundred, very low turnout, at this march. As with the national TV.
This Portugal News tells us here of thousands.

Racism - in Portugal - a race blind country!!

The country whose elders were officially singing their " Contra os Bretoes" national anthem and even now labels anyone mentioning this State Secret as a troublemaker !
So Racism or Magueijoitis?

By Sybil Wright from USA on 19-04-2021 04:36

This is the same everywhere. If you are in support of freedom and want the best for your citizens, you are a target for total destruction. Globalist agenda. Chega would be the best thing to happen to Portugal, but Portuguese are under the spell of their television.

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 19-04-2021 04:02

The fridom to say what you want and think what you want shall be allowed for everybody. Even if they do not have the "correct" opinion.

If any party is forbidden or any thoughts illegal, there is no longer a democracy.

All parties shall be allowed. Andlet the votes decide.

By Gustav from Algarve on 19-04-2021 03:05

The slur of 'Far Right' has been so far debased it no longer has any meaning. It simply now refers to someone who speaks uncomfortable truths and must be silenced.

The irony is far left, far right, communism, socialism, fascism, technocracy are all different sides of the same coin. The authoritarians have slowly but surely been installing themselves for decades. We are living fascism. But continue to accuse those of the crimes you are guilty of as a distraction.

By Barry from Beiras on 19-04-2021 01:09

Chega is portuguese nationalist party, patriotic! Being defamed as far right, the nazis in portugal are the PCP and socialists!!! The PCP and socialists in portugal are pro genocide of the portuguese people! And are involved in the mass enabling of illegal invaders from Middle East and africa, chega wants to stop this!!! And rightly so,
Chega has no issues with native fellow European peoples, because we are the same cultures and Christian religions.
The PCP and socialists in portugal are traitors to their own people, and are also working hand in hand with the farcically named great reset, and WEF, klaus schwab, bill gates, George soros world take over, using the smoke screen of a phoney pandemic that they created for their communist takeover.
Right now the worlds top Dutch Accredited virology scientist,
‘Geert Vanden Bossche’
has come out in public and warned that the mass vaccinations with MRNA MUST be stopped immediatley!!!
That its a genocide against the human race!!

By Piers Corbin from UK on 19-04-2021 11:28
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