"Introductions to consumption [records made, for tax purposes, by wholesale fuel traders] recorded by operators through the Single Energy Desk recorded a significant acceleration in April 2021 compared to April 2020, with a 59 percent increase from 336,815 to 535,533 tonnes," ENSE said in a statement.

According to the statement, "as expected, the greatest year-on-year recovery is registered in Jet [aviation diesel, with +300.63 percent], although the aviation sector continues to be the most conditioned, but the upward trajectory of some reactivation of its activity is perceived.

In year-on-year terms, petrol consumption rose 112.05 percent in April and that of other diesel (excluding jet fuel) rose 61.69 percent.

The month of April this year, when the country was already in the process of phased deconfinement, compares with a corresponding month (April 2020), when Portugal was still in full lockdown following the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Analysing the evolution of consumption in April compared to the previous month, there is a total increase of 34,087 tonnes (+6.8 percent), "also highlighting the acceleration of Jet (+42.97 percent) and gasoline (+15.58 percent).

As for the other diesel oils, the increase in consumption was 5.07 percent in April compared to March.

"This growth is not unrelated to the empirical assessment that there is also a resumption or acceleration of numerous economic activities, with greater circulation of vehicles and therefore a higher level of demand and consumption of oil products," says ENSE.

According to ENSE - which is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, managing and mobilising national reserves of crude oil and oil products - "it is expected that this trend may increase in intensity in the second half of the year.

"If we compare the levels of introductions to consumption in April 2021 with April 2019 (pre-pandemic), it can be seen that we are still 23.53 percent below the then verified, highlighting above all Jet (-73.46 percent), but showing that there is still a path of recovery that should be pursued," it maintains.