The “worrying situation” of Portugal’s rising Covid cases

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The Minister of the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, has that the country is in a “worrying situation”, while new lockdown measures have been imposed in seven more municipalities and Lisbon has been issued with a weekend lockdown order.

“We are now in a situation that is already quite far from the green zone and, therefore, the country is in a more worrying situation than it was a week ago”, said the minister.

A step backwards

The municipalities of Albufeira, Arruda dos Vinhos, Cascais, Loulé, Sertã and Sintra, and Sesimbra will take a step backwards in the easing of lockdown, joining Lisbon, Braga and Odemira, as Covid case numbers rise again, while movement in or out of the capital during the weekend will be prohibited.

“We currently have 10 municipalities in a different situation than the rest of the country,” said the Minister of State and Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva.

The remaining 268 municipalities in mainland Portugal are in the new phase of the easing of lockdown plan, in force since 10 June.

Regarding the 10 municipalities that are subject to the measures of the 4th phase of the easing of lockdown plan, applied since 1 May, Mariana Vieira da Silva said that Sesimbra registered, for the second consecutive week, more than 240 cases of covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants, so it will be at a level of “greater restriction”, including the closing of the restaurants and establishments at 3:30pm during the weekend.

“The remaining nine municipalities are at the stage we were in before this new phase ofeasing of lockdown”, she said.

Raising awareness about the worsening of the epidemiological situation, the Minister of State and Presidency said that this week there is "a very large number, compared to the previous week, of councils in alert situation", totalling 20: Alcochete, Águeda, Almada, Amadora, Barreiro, Grândola, Lagos, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Palmela, Sardoal, Seixal, Setúbal, Sines, Sobral de Monte Agraço and Vila Franca de Xira.

“All these municipalities – as you can see on the map – mostly located in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, are currently on alert, that is, they have more than 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants or in the low density [population] areas, more than 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants”, declared the government official.

Lisbon weekend lockdown

In addition to the measures applied to each municipality in mainland Portugal, the Government has also decided to prohibit the movement to and from the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon (AML) on weekends, from 3pm on Friday, due to the increase in cases of covid-19 in this area and so that “the high incidence [of covid-19] that is felt in this region is not transported out of it”.

"Regarding the situation of the AML, what we have usually followed in these restrictions is that they last until 6am on Monday", clarified the minister, adding that a strengthening of inspection in travel and in activities and events in this territory is planned.

Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva also said that this is a new measure to control the pandemic, which "is neither easy nor desired by anyone, but it is necessary" to contain the worsening incidence of the disease in this region, especially with the prevalence of the “delta” variant of coronavirus.

What are the rules?

Albufeira, Arruda dos Vinhos, Cascais, Loulé, Sertã, Sintra, Sesimbra, Lisbon, Braga and Odemira will see mandatory remote working; restaurants, cafes having to close again at 10.30pm (inside, with a maximum of six people per group; on the terrace, 10 people per group); food and non-food retail trade until 9pm; cultural shows until 10.30pm; weddings and baptisms with 50% capacity; Citizen Shops work with face-to-face service by appointment; the practice of all sports is allowed, without spectators.

For the other 268 municipalities the rules that came into force on 10 June remain in place, namely remote working is now recommended; commerce can operate according to the respective licensing schedule; restaurants, cafes and patisseries (maximum of six people inside or 10 people on terraces) can open until midnight for admission of customers and 1am for closing; and cultural facilities can function until 1am (excluding access, for entry purposes, from midnight).

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I have received email from Portugalnews with their assurance that the newspaper does not censor readers and only remove comments including hate speech.Why is then my comment not approved with reference to new medical data showing that spike proteins produced by the mRNA vaccines is spreading and gather in all the different body organs, it is also established facts that the spike proteins many thought was not dangerous is in reality the main component of the virus, this means that the vaccines are producing the most deadly part of the virus and the result is much more dangerous compared to getting this flu.

By Magnus from Other on 23-06-2021 09:40

I hope to visit beautiful Portugal soon for my first time. Fully vaccinated with two flights canceled in May and June due to high local COVID cases. Maybe the July flight before summer is over…

By Dan from USA on 21-06-2021 08:44

If more of us do research like Magnus we will not be following the official narrative like sheep thinking the experimental 'poison' they are injecting us with will be our saviour that will do all & end all......
Its time humanity grow a back bone and wake up to this monumental scam called covid that has hijacked our lives for way too long !!
...or do you still want to follow (like sheep) the corrupt Fauci / Costa's of the world to the slaughter house ?

By Leandro Santos from Lisbon on 20-06-2021 03:52

Gareth, nurses and doctors in Sweden refuse to take these new kind of vaccines, are they also right wing people?

President Trump won a democratic election in 2016, it was no conspiracy placing him in office, and Trumps was right about all of what he said, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was doing gain lf function research.

By Magnus from Other on 20-06-2021 10:26


I want to ask you this question, before Covid 19 arrived via news media did you notice or even cared about national mortality rates, hos many cases of a flu happened per day and how many ICU patients admitted in the hospitals?

Please go to SCB - Statistical Central Bureau in Sweden website and download government PDFs from year 1999 to 2020 and read about national mortality in Sweden.

In year 2002 Sweden had almost same number of deaths as in 2020, and please note the Swedish population since 2002 have grown with approx 1,5 million more people majority via migration it is normal annual mortality increase when population numbers grow.

To determine if a serious pandemic right now is going on please read and compare official national mortality statistics, year 2020 have absolutely no abnormal numbers in any EU country, people in age 75 to 90 or older can die from even a small cold, and the senior citizens who die in this age groups have many other health issues, they would have passed away anyway.

All deaths are sad but we dont live forever, and does health and life become better for anyone by using police and military and laws to enforce lock downs, masks, abnormal measures where people are prevented from doing normal social things?

It is impossible to stop any flu or virus using lock downs, masks made from cotton not even vaccines help because bird flu or swine flu strain of viruses mutate forever and that is why I am with confidence saying all of what is now happening is the biggest hoax in human history.

Please sit down and think did any of the measures now imposed and media hysteria happen in UK 1968 and 1969 when Honk Kong flu arrived,? The mortality from Hong Kong flu was also much more higher and serious compared with Covid 19.

I shall end my comment saying the only and best solution to stop this madness is that people do not test for any flu, testing prolong and enforce new lock downs with inflated false cases, do not wear masks and take no vaccines, natural immunity for season fly type of viruses is done by mother nature, same with antibiotics only use this medicin for serious infections, if to much antibiotics are used after a while the medicine is not effective when new bacteria illnesses arrive, it is the same with vaccines for viruses.

Normal development time to create a vaccine is 5 to 10 years or longer. Alarm bells should ring when a vaccine suddenly arrive in only 8 months for a corona virus something vaccike developers never before managed to achieve, it is also many deaths now by the vaccines in USA over 4000 people died from side effects.

By Magnus from Other on 20-06-2021 10:19

My comment is censored with serious information regarding how spike proteins from the Covid 19 virus is being produced by the mRNA vaccines is going to causd serious health issues, the informatiin I posted 2 days ago is not yet published, the data is from Japanese studies and taken from video interview with Lars Anders Vilhelm Bern , born October 21, 1942 in Sundsvall , Mr Bern is a Swedish technology doctor, business leader.

By Magnus from Other on 20-06-2021 09:41

shocked how many people believe the pandemic is not real, and that the sns are harming people with the vaccine. you people are brainwashed! Ive lost family, half our street in our portuguese village had the covid at christmas, and you idiots still keep writing that its fake, and a scam, perhaps you are part of the lucky few yet to have it visit your door, perhaps you are part of the same right wing conspiracy that put trump in power, I wore my mask all the way from wales to coimbra to my door the other week, got tested 3 times along the way and 3 days ago I got my first jab, perhaps you guys are just not caring enough to think how not taking precautions would harm the population.

By Gareth Tea. from Beiras on 19-06-2021 05:55

Seems a lot of Folks here in Portugal are gathering for the match against Germany...Just had a beer at a local bar and talked with someone from the Village...No mask, enjoying good conversation and living life as it's meant to be...Stop being p****** and wake up...Go Portugal????????

By Sakamoto Saurez from Lisbon on 19-06-2021 04:30

It is good to see people are the same everywhere. In N. America there is a song for this. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.

By Dante from Porto on 19-06-2021 10:50

I have just read the sixteen comments above. I feel totally confused! How can people who can write all this nonsense be educated enough to even write! It seems that they engage mouth before reading facts, any reseach or trying to find evidence!

By Seakay from Algarve on 18-06-2021 06:49

All as expected
It took 4 weeks from opening up for None EU tourism (UK) from go to a calm situataion to worrying. And go from removing restricitons to new lock down.

Ahy can't we keep those tourists out. So we can live a normal life. And not have to go back to state of emergency and lock down.

EU list 8 countries from wich non essential travelling is allowed. UK/England/Scottland are not in the list => Traveliing from UK should not be allowed, if Portugal followed EU rules.

Eu also says that we should open up for EU internal travelling July1. When we have the system in place to prrog vaccination.
But Portugal ? Does not wait.

These hotel industri drives all normal people back to lock downs again. And spread this virus on Portugal.


By Gustav from Algarve on 18-06-2021 05:52

Guys, lets take life less seriously and live in freedom.....
....Go out and enjoy the sun, breathe the fresh air, take in nature..
Damn, its grey and raining now...
They might have tampered with that as well ! !

By Totti from Madeira on 18-06-2021 05:13

Magnus you must live on another planet I have family members and friends family members who either where very sick and have lasting lesions on the lungs other million died.Now thanks to social distancing and masks and hygiene and rapid rise of vaccines we are in a much better place than a few months before.The vaccines are not infinite vaces look at the specific Ig M Immonoglubine responses ss well as memory C cells in vaccinated people.Do you read papers or understand biology or bio chemistry? Looks like u dont ..pity if you would you would make scientifically correct and fact based comments.

By Sarkis from Algarve on 18-06-2021 04:13

The bad taste of writing "s around “worrying situation” is just display the
contempt Englishman have for Portuguese lives. People dying ought to be more important than your sacred holydays.

By Rui F Ribeiro from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 03:43

Thanks to BoJo and all the UK tourists! Not imposed India travel ban for his own political gain. Then all the infested Brits bringing the variant to Portugal. Just look at the case statistics: PT is always about 2 weeks behind the Brits who first stole our vaccine and now are infecting Europe for the second time.

By Geert Freyhoff from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 03:21

So much disinformation by the authorities & media Open up for tourism but lock down because of 240 cases per 100k Most likely 50% of those cases are false positives PCR test is flawed & they know it. Then there's the poison they are injecting into people If most of Portugal is vaxd why all these restrictions? Open the country this Scamdemic is not real. It's all about control & the Govt knows it Do the math people & wake up!

By Rocky from Other on 18-06-2021 02:33

Magnus, while you're right to always be on the guard against excessive government restrictions, you spoil your argument with some incorrect, and some nonsensical, claims. Firstly the "unfinished wax" - I presume you mean vax - is an amazing achievement of medical science, and is almost 100% safe; it's nonsense to claim that it causes mortality and injuries. Where's your evidence? All vaccines are among the safest of drugs; certainly safer than, for example, the painkillers you may buy at the pharmacy. The covid vaccines have been developed by research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, mostly with private finance but also some government
funding. I would prefer that these compaines were publicly owned, but that's a dream for now. The fact is that most of the larger companies are selling their covid vaccines at cost price; therefore not making "huge revenues". Without the vaccines there would be millions more deaths worldwide and a pandemic that would last for years. With the vaccines covid will become more like seasonal 'flu and restrictions will no longer be needed.

By Felix from UK on 18-06-2021 12:03

The only “worrying situation” in Portugal is an authoritarian government drunk on power. As Magnus says in his comments below, it’s a scam.

By Philip from Other on 18-06-2021 11:50

Start / Stop / Start / Stop / Start / Stop the economy.
Get over it.
A PCR test that tests positive for a papaya fruit.
A mask thats leads to potential hypoxia (death due to lack of oxygen)
A virus that kills only 1% of those infected.
A double vaccine that still enables you to get the virus that supposedly kills 1% of the population.
Go Figure !

By Sam Orders from Porto on 18-06-2021 11:08

Do the authorities still believe we trust their ludicrous narrative ?
Civil Disobedience anyone ?
Yeah, coming soon to the cinema near you !

By Peter from Algarve on 18-06-2021 11:01

Nothing makes sense anymore as everything is just an illusion.
All for a virus that has a mortality rate of under 1%.
When will WE THE PEOPLE decide to take our power back ? !

By Kenneth Brown from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 10:57

Upon reading all this articles, I am now confused whether I will have a PCR bPcCCtest before I will travel.

By Juvy from Algarve on 18-06-2021 10:55

Sometimes I wonder how naive a government can be? The increasing number of infections cannot really surprise anyone. Since the PCR test requirement for entry is lifted, Portugal "opens" to the whole world (tourism has to bring money into the country) and then the government is surprised? On the other hand: what do the increasing infections say? Nothing! The hospitals are not overloaded, no more people are dying. The government acted completely implausible and senseless. These restrictions are unnecessary at this time.

By York Rapp from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 08:25

Lobby,lobby,lobby for tourism...and then this artcicle? How do you ppl sleep at night?!??

By guida from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 06:11

And so those people in lisbon who want to go south will again leave lisbon early friday aaand go back monday, as they have done all this time

By Patricia from Algarve on 18-06-2021 05:39

Among those who first realized the scam were those who have the medical knowledge to expose the fraudsters. Nobel Prize-winning researchers and doctors were able to see through the alleged danger of the coronavirus and shed light on how the PCR test was used incorrectly to be able to make inflated claims about infection and death. The PCR test has never been intended for the diagnoses for which it has now been used and never gives correct results. So after one test you are sick and after the other test you are healthy. Billionaire Elon Musk was tested four times, every other time he was ill and every other day he was healthy. Despite this marked absence of clarity, people are so afraid of getting sick that they accept a scam that they would otherwise probably have seen through.

By Magnus from Other on 18-06-2021 03:20

The media immediately begins to publish over-advertised figures about infected people as if it were a giant death wave. Why this hysteria with daily figures if one did not intend to create panic? The purpose seems to have been to scare people into being afraid of each other and then inject people with an unfinished wax that causes high mortality and severe injuries. The foundation for the new police state .

The intimidation propaganda has had the intended effect. Mass psychosis will justify restrictions and more restrictions. The result is huge revenues for the pharmaceutical companies but also global control over humanity with an excessive threat of disease as a weapon. This in turn can lead to compulsory vaccination and vaccine passports.

By Magnus from Other on 18-06-2021 03:17
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