During the reading of the judgment, the judge said that all the facts were proven.

However, the defendant was declared not responsible for his actions as he is suffering from a mental illness.

The court also declared the accused dangerous, having decided to commit him to a psychiatric institution for a period between two and five years.

In addition to the crime of domestic violence, the defendant was accused of three crimes of theft, one of which was attempted, and one crime of damage, which dropped by the complaint.

The indictment of the Public Ministry (MP) states that the defendant consumed drugs and refused to take medication, having become aggressive and started “strong” discussions with his grandmother since July 2020.

The defendant also allegedly threatened his grandmother with death several times, starting to demand money from her daily, which the victim gave him for fear that he might harm her.

The MP says that these aggressive behaviors were repeated "almost daily" inside home, leaving the victim "humiliated and terrified".

One of the most violent episodes occurred on 10 August, 2020, when the grandmother reported the situation.

Upon realizing what had happened, the defendant insulted the victim and tried to head-butt her, but was stopped by neighbors who heard the discussion and came to calm the defendant.