"If we compare the national data in the public realm in the 'red lines' report, we see that the unvaccinated, mostly younger, healthier and with fewer risk factors, still have a death rate four times the death rate by Covid infection in those vaccinated”, the coordinator of the crisis office of the Ordem dos Médicos for covid-19 told Lusa.

According to the expert, the latest public data indicates that, in October, there were 132 deaths of people with complete vaccination against covid-19 and 33 deaths of unvaccinated people or with incomplete vaccination.

However, these 132 deaths relate to a universe of about 8.6 million vaccinated people, while the 33 unvaccinated who died are included in an unimmunized population of only about 500,000 people.

A finer analysis of these two groups of people – vaccinated and unvaccinated – shows that the “unvaccinated died four times more than those vaccinated”, said Filipe Froes, for whom these data allow “a good assessment of the impact of vaccination”.

"We know that, at this moment, the great impact in hospital terms is mainly on two large groups of people: the unvaccinated and people vaccinated for a longer time, who are older and with greater risk factors", said the pulmonologist.