As well as using produce from their own organic garden the resort has recently started to produce their own olive oil. The group was met on the terrace overlooking the swimming pools by the general manager Eduardo Peregrino and a welcome drink was served together with a selection of amuse-bouche prepared by the resident Chef Wilson da Costa.

The Olive Tree Restaurant, situated in the centre of the gated resort complex is open to the general public and the lunch was to be served there. Chef Wilson da Costa knew from an early age that he wanted to become a profession chef and was inspired, not only by his family’s traditions but also by the produce and traditions of his home country Portugal. During his career he has cooked with many famous Portuguese chefs and for many famous restaurants and has also been influenced by Asian cooking and spice as well as modern cooking methods. All these influences can be detected in the textures and tastes of his well seasoned dishes

The lunch started with organic egg cooked at low temperature with chestnut and vegetable pickle served with a rosé wine from the Algarve, Quinta do Barranco Longo Rosé. The two fish courses, marinated cuttlefish, sweet potato and beurre blanc and seared grouper, fish stew sauce and potato confit were accompanied by a white wine from the Douro region, Maria Mansa Branco. A slight pause with a palate cleanser prepared those participating for the main course of seared sirloin, celery puree and mushrooms accompanied by Aventura Tino from the Alentejo. A light pre-desert prepared the palettes for the desert course of chocolate, carob, raspberry and matcha was served with Porto Poças tawny port.

The Bailli of the Alentejo region, Dinis Zabumba, had joined the group for lunch and he together with Dr. Jean Ferran thanked Chef Wilson da Costa host general manager Eduardo Peregrino for a most enjoyable lunch.