“As a result of the investigation, it is noted the initiation of an administrative offense procedure for placing eggs on the market without the proper identification mark and for lack of mandatory indications on the transport packages, such as the date of dispatch and quantity, the lack of daily records of the rearing method and the quantities of classified and unclassified eggs”, says a statement from ASAE.

Following the inspection operation by the Industries Brigade of the Centro Regional Unit – Coimbra Operational Unit, the seizure of 426,264 eggs was carried out, with an estimated value of €33,643.

ASAE explains that, according to the legislation in force, “consumers, through a code printed on packages and eggs, must obtain information about the country of origin of the product, conditions for raising the hens and the area of ​​exploitation from which the eggs are produced. It is also mandatory to indicate the date of durability attributed to the eggs, which cannot exceed the period of 28 days in relation to the date of laying”.

The statement adds that this criminal police body “will continue to carry out inspection actions in favour of healthy and fair competition between economic operators, as well as the defense and safety of consumers”.