One of the owners of the new DS Lagoa Sol store, Manuela Romão, is well known locally thanks to her working for more than 30 years in a bank branch in Santander. When she retired, she decided to set up her own business with her son-in-law, Márcio Ribeiro, and put all her know-how at the service of her new clients.

"We help families reduce their monthly expenses and clarify hard technical concepts that are usually used in banks”, she said.

This store combines two services, insurance and credit intermediation to make client’s life easier. Whether it is to take out a loan or insurance, DS carries out a simulation and presents solutions to clients who then choose the option that suits them best.

DS Lagoa Sol, which is part of the "Decisões e Soluções" franchise group, works with eleven insurance companies and several banks to compare prices. In addition, "the client doesn’t pay any fee for this service", Manuela pointed out.

Currently, with a team of seven people, which they are planning to increase, DS Lagoa Sol are ready to receive clients at their office in Rua dos Vales, Urb. Lagoa Sol.