“It is no longer mandatory and is now recommended, but there is still a level of individual responsibility for the use of a mask, to which our people have given great lessons, both at a collective and individual level”, said António Lacerda Sales.

The official recalled that the end of the mandatory use of a mask was based on data analysis, information about Covid-19 and in technical opinions, refuting the idea that the measure was premature.

“It was important to carry out an assessment of the post-Easter period so that we could assess the indicators in terms of incidence, mortality and impact on health services. After more than seven days, we verified that these indicators have remained in a stable area”, said Lacerda Sales.


In this sense, and despite criticism from the National Association of Public Health Physicians (ANMSP), which regretted that the Government had deviated from the initial plan to relieve measures “due to the contestation” of the mandatory use of masks, the Secretary of State pointed out that the Council of Ministers “made a good decision”.

“There continues to be an obligation to use [masks] in everything connected with vulnerable groups in terms of age and health, namely in homes, health institutions and public transport”, recalled António Lacerda Sales.