The Mobility Councillor of the Lisbon City Council said that municipal regulation is being drafted to resolve the problem of abusive parking of bicycles and scooters in the city, which should come into force in early 2023.

“We are in the process of drafting the smooth mobility regulation of the municipality. We expect the regulation to be completed and approved, both at a meeting of the council and the municipal assembly, after public consultation, by the end of the year, to enter into force from the beginning of next year”, said councilor Ângelo Pereira (PSD).

Responding to complaints The mayor responsible for Mobility in the Lisbon Chamber responded to complaints from the population of the Lisbon parishes of Alcântara, Ajuda and Belém about the abusive parking of bicycles and scooters on the pavements, which makes mobility difficult.

In addition to regulation, the council is working on a technological level for a solution that allows “to prevent both scooters and bicycles from only turning off, that the meter that is being charged only turns off in areas that the municipality defines as parking areas”, indicated Ângelo Pereira, adding that it will also be possible to prevent these modes of mobility from entering the public road in the opposite direction and from circulating on sidewalks that the municipality defines as prohibited from transit.

In early June, in response to the Lusa agency, the Lisbon Chamber revealed that there are 11,000 scooters and shared bicycles in the Portuguese capital without docks (they do not need to be stowed and customers can leave them anywhere on the city's streets) and four operators, adding that it is studying how to “better regulate the activity and intending to have a regulation in place as soon as possible, which allows it to effectively monitor and control the activity of sharing scooters and bicycles without docks”.