The campaign, which publicises the advantages of “Tax Free”, will be present in the airport and shopping centres, where teams of promoters will provide advice on the multiple options that the Algarve offers in terms of Shopping Tourism.

Renato Leite, Managing Director of Global Blue in Portugal, underlines “the importance of Shopping Tourism and the importance of 'Tax Free' as an instrument available to Algarve traders to leverage their sales”, using SIBS data that indicate that the average purchase value in 'Fashion and Accessories', in 2021, was €76 while, according to data from Global Blue, in the same sector and period, the average purchase value in "Tax Free" was €615, some eight times higher.

Renato Leite also adds that Shopping Tourism “has a very relevant economic impact on local commerce and has been growing in such a way that the World Tourism Organization classifies it as a strategic segment with the greatest potential for growth in tourism”.

Data from Global Blue reveal, for example, that the average purchase value of English tourists reached €600 in 2022, and that the campaign “promises to impact more than half a million tourists”.