It is not just in Portugal that the company are raising prices. Amazon announced that the Prime service will also increase in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, in a measure that aims to combat the rise in prices. On average, according to Bloomberg, prices will increase by 31%.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the annual subscription to the service will increase from 79 pounds (93.41 euros) to 112 pounds (95 euros), while in Germany it will increase from the current 69 euros to 89.90 euros. In Spain and Italy there is the same change as in Portugal, with the annual subscription costing 49.90 euros.

"This change is due, among other reasons, to technical and operational reasons to improve and ensure the continued operability of the Amazon Prime service, as well as relevant changes in the general levels of costs due to the increase in inflation, which impacts the specific costs of the Prime service in Portugal, based on external circumstances that do not depend on Amazon", explains the company.

The decision for Europe follows the one taken in February 2022 for the North American market and highlights Wall Street's growing pressure under new Amazon CEO Andy Jassy to increase profits at a time when the economy faces major challenges.

Amazon is not alone in this price rise, with competitor Netflix having announced an increase in subscription packages this year.