In the first half of the year, the Complaints Portal registered a 15% increase in complaints related to the tourism sector, with a total of 2,459 complaints, with booking sites and airlines leading the way in in this sector.

According to the site, complaints about travel booking sites and airlines represented, between January and June, 38% and 37% of all tourism-related complaints, respectively, followed by travel agencies, with 8% of complaints, accommodation booking websites, with 7%, and Airports, with 3%.

Despite this distribution of complaints in the first half of the year, the Portal da Queixa reveals that, “in the first six months of the year, Hotels and Airports were the subcategories with the greatest variation in growth compared to the same period last year, 142% and 121%, respectively”.

Refunds and the use of vouchers were the main reasons for complaints and correspond to 37% of complaints presented, while problems with changing, confirming or cancelling reservations led to 23% of complaints.

In addition to these reasons, which account for the vast majority of complaints, the Complaints Portal says that payments and invoicing were also responsible for 15% of complaints, followed by problems with luggage, which corresponded to 10% of complaints, while issues related to Customer Service/Support led to 8% of complaints.

Most complained about companies

By company, eDreams and TAP lead with regard to the largest number of complaints presented in the first half of the year, with 24% and 15% of complaints, respectively, while Ryanair still motivated 7% of complaints and Booking added another 4% of complaints, same as Rumbo and easyJet. ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, Logitravel, Vueling and Tripmonster registered 2% of complaints.

“When analysing the variation compared to the same period of the previous year, the data from the Portal da Queixa show that among the entities that registered the highest growth, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal is 100% more than in 2021; Logitravel with 91%; Booking with 88% and Tripmonster with 77% more and easyJet with an increase of 72%. The negative variation of Rumbo stands out, which registered -58% of complaints this year, compared to 2021”.