The Ascendi concessionaire is experiencing a “technical failure” that threatens to delay the payment of tolls on trips on the A13 and A23 until next week, according to a report by ECO.

“We inform you that due to a technical failure, it was not possible to make timely payment available, in the usual places, for some trips made during the last week on the A13 and A23 motorways (Torres Novas-A1/Abrantes), which should happen during next week”, confirmed Ascendi.

ECO reports that some tickets on ex-SCUT roads carried out last week without electronic identifiers had not yet been made available for payment at CTT. After several attempts, it was not possible to contact an operator through the Ascendi customer support line.

Ascendi promises, however, that extra amounts will not be charged to those affected by this problem: “If there are exceptional cases in which it is not possible to pay for these trips, a billing document will be sent with the amount you would have paid earlier at CTT or at PayShop agents”, assured an official source.

Citizens with Portuguese registrations who prefer to obtain additional protection can go to a CTT counter and request a declaration of unavailability. This is a document signed and stamped by the Post Office that proves that the citizen went to a counter to pay the tolls, which was not possible for technical reasons.