The formula that establishes the way in which the increase in the price of tolls is calculated each year is provided for in Decree-Law No.294/97, verified in the last month for which data are available before 15 November.

The 15th of November is the deadline for concessionaires to communicate to the Government their price proposals for the following year, after which the State has 30 days to comment.

In the quick estimate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), INE advances that the year-on-year inflation rate, excluding housing, on the mainland will have been 10.46% in October. Definitive data is known on November 11.

In 2022, the evolution of the CPI dictated an increase of 1.83% in tolls, and in 2020 and 2021 prices were not changed, after four consecutive years of increases: in 2019 tolls on motorways increased by 0.98%, after of increases of 1.42% in 2018, 0.84% ​​in 2017 and 0.62% in 2016.

As for the price of tolls on the two Tagus bridges under concession to Lusoponte - 25 de Abril and Vasco da Gama - it may increase by 9.3% from January 2023, as the concessionaire's contract provides that the rate update is indexed to the year-on-year rate of change in the September CPI.