Since Germany experimented with passes at 9 euros for regional trains, the measure has been suggested for Portugal. Livre is one of the parties that presented a proposal in Parliament on this matter. Even without rejecting the idea “from the start”, the minister responsible for CP, Pedro Nuno Santos, explained why the measure could not be applied to the national rail network.

“On the railway, unfortunately, we have exhausted our capacity. If tomorrow we had zero price, the capacity of transport to receive more passengers would be almost nil”, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, in response to the deputy from Livre, Rui Tavares, during the hearing in the specialty related to the Budget of the State for 2023.

Pedro Nuno Santos detailed that there are “completely full” trains on long-distance services between Porto and Lisbon and that there is also overcrowding on trips within the Lisbon and Porto regions. It would also be necessary to “conjugate with the social passes” of the inter-municipal communities and metropolitan areas and also apply the due compensation to CP.

For 2023, it is planned to freeze the prices of public transport passes and CP tickets in all services. The exception is the Alfa Pendular trains, CP's commercial service and without the right to compensation from the State.