In a statement, the municipality says that the cooperation of the council with dozens of companies in closing streets to traffic, promoting recreational activities for all ages, holding awareness sessions on the importance of urban mobility contributed to the awarding of the prize.

“Among improvements in the city, we highlight the School Bus project in schools in the municipality, the creation of cycle paths, new parking spaces for bicycles, such as a shared system, the expansion of pedestrian zones and new green spaces, the modernization of the fleet of public transport for electric vehicles, the reduction of speed limits in school zones, the creation of conditions for people with reduced mobility and a safer road infrastructure”, he adds.

For councilor Olga Pereira, the municipality has been doing “very intense work to improve mobility in Braga” and the award “is yet another stimulus to continue working towards increasingly sustainable mobility, for the benefit of a better quality of life for all".

Olga Pereira highlighted the municipality's commitment to creating a better relationship between people, companies and schools and universities, through sustainable urban mobility.

Olga Pereira underlined that cycle paths are being built so that the city “has 25 kilometers of dedicated lanes”.

Investment in public transport, with the acquisition of 13 electric vehicles and 25 natural gas vehicles, was another of the topics addressed by the councilor, who added that this year another 30 electric buses will be purchased.