DECO is happy with the measures approved as they meet some of the associations’ demands, namely in cases where fees were being charged with no reason, or were disproportionate or even abusive.

However, DECO calls for the need for strict supervision, monitoring and making sure that no other unjustified fees are created or that existing ones are not increased, in an attempt to offset the impact of the current measures.

Among the measures approved, the following stand out: the prohibition of charging a service processing fee on all contracts, even those prior to 2021, putting an end to a situation of inequality already denounced by DECO; a ban on charging a fee to change the ownership of a current account in some cases, including divorce, death or changes of condominium account holders. In addition, charging for the printing of documents from the institution relating to the consumer is also prohibited.

Fees for procedures to qualify as heirs due to the death of a current account holder will now be limited to 10% of the Social Support Index (IAS), that is, the maximum value of this commission will be 48.04 Euros in 2023.

In property valuation processes, consumers can propose to the bank to use a valuation report, provided previously by another bank, which was issued less than 6 months ago (even if it is different). The bank may not accept a report older than 3 months, but must justify the reason. If the bank requires a different report within the above time limits, but without justification, the cost is borne by the bank.

At the start of a mortgage process, there is now a single fee, for the analysis and decision (in addition to any commissions or costs of property valuation).

Finally, with regard to SMB accounts, these now include 48 interbank transfers (instead of 24). Despite this positive change, DECO maintains its claim that the limits on the number of transfers, in applications operated by third parties, should be equal to the general regime, which is 30 euros per operation, 150 euros transferred through the application in the same month, and 25 transfers made in the same month.

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