“In relation to the strike notice, what we want is conditions to be verified so that the strike is not necessary and to safeguard the interests of SEF workers. I am convinced that this is what will happen”, José Luís Carneiro told journalists.

At issue is the uncertainty regarding the future of inspectors from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), after the Government approved, on April 6, the decree-law that establishes the transitional regime for SEF workers.

On the same date, the Government also approved the diploma establishing the creation of the Portuguese Agency for Minorities, Migrations and Asylum (APMMA), which will replace SEF in administrative matters regarding foreign citizens and integrate the High Commission for Migrations (ACM).

The minister stressed that "the unions know the content of the negotiations and what was included in essential terms in the diploma".

The minister highlighted the “complexity, sensitivity and delicacy in the wording that must integrate the diplomas that were approved in the global plan and that were careful to respond in essence to the questions of the unions”.

As part of this process, SEF inspectors will be transferred to the Judiciary Police, while non-police officials will be transferred to the future agency and to the Registry and Notary Institute.

Inspectors currently number around 900 and non-police officers around 700.