"This strategic investment, in the area of affordable housing, reinforces the offer of accommodation in the municipality, as well as solving an urban situation that had been dragging on for several years, in the heart of the village of Mondim de Basto, fulfilling the commitment assumed with all local people", said the mayor of the municipality, Bruno Ferreira.

The planned investment is 3.1 million euros, an amount that, according to the municipality, ensures the acquisition and rehabilitation of the property known locally as "Hotel das Rãs”.

Within the scope of this project, 18 apartments will be built to respond to housing situations in the form of affordable rent, within the framework of the Local Housing Strategy of Mondim de Basto.

The project, according to the council, "in addition to promoting the social and territorial inclusion of people and households, will also solve an already old aesthetic problem".

The building has been unfinished since the 80s and is located in the centre of the county seat.