This new law reduces the fine for non-payment of tolls to a minimum value “corresponding to five times the value of the respective toll fee, but never less than 25 euros” and “a maximum value corresponding to twice the minimum value of the fine”, i.e. 50 euros. However, it only begins to take effect on July 1, 2024.

Another change is that, if the infractions are committed by the same person, in the same month, using the same vehicle and on the same road infrastructure, the “maximum value of the fine corresponds to that of a single administrative offence”, the minimum value “corresponding to the accumulation of toll fees, and costs greater than those corresponding to a single administrative offense cannot be charged”.

In May, the Ombudsman opened 45 in-depth investigation procedures following complaints about the payment of tolls received in 2022, contesting, above all, the disproportionate amount required to be paid and the lack of prior contact for payment.