According to the MP 2022 report, on December 31st there were 1653 magistrates of the two currently existing categories (deputy attorney general and attorney of the Republic), a number “slightly higher” than in 2021, but less compared to 2020, where there was a total of 1669 magistrates.

The report reveals the current share of the female gender in this magistracy, with 1083 magistrates at the end of 2022, compared to 570 male magistrates, 34.5% of the total.

Relative to age groups, the report shared by the Republic’s Attorney-General shows that “in the younger ranges, the female gender’s hold is very accentuated, making up 72.2% of the magistrates below 30 years of age, 76.6% of magistrates below 40 years old, and 76.9% of those below 50.

“Only the group of magistrates aged 60 or older sees a majority of men (54.9% of magistrates above 59),” the report notes.

On the evaluation of the magistrates’ merit, as a competency of the Public Ministry High Council, the report shows that in 2022 there were 160 classifications given out, 76 of which were “Very Good,” 60 were “Distinctly Good,” 23 were “Good” and 1 was “Sufficient.”

According to the table shared, contrary to 2020 and 2021, in 2022 there weren’t any “Mediocre” classifications recorded.

Taking 2020, 2021 and 2022 together, there were records of 115 “Very Good” classifications (31.3%), 158 “Distinctly Good” (43%), 78 “Good” (21.3%), 12 “Sufficient” (3.3%) and 4 “Mediocre” (1.1%).

As to training, the report states that in the 2022 judicial year, MP magistrates frequented training programs organised by the Centre of Judicial Studies with planning helped by the Public Ministry High Council and the Attorney-General of the Republic, with the programs spanning various areas of Law, seeing to reinforce and update the magistrates’ knowledge.

“5255 sign-up requests were made on the part of 1104 magistrates for continuous training programs (AFC) in line with the CEJ’s Annual Training Plan for 2022/2023, 2166 AFC having been given out in the 1st phase of email sign-ups. As such, an average of 4.8 training programs were signed up for by each magistrate, with 41.2% of sign-up requests being granted,” the report stated.

316 magistrates have signed up for the 2nd round, with a total of 694 sign-ups being made (2.2 per magistrate) and 212 AFCs being granted (30.5% of requests).

At the same time, in 2022, 98 MP magistrates took part in 69 training programs abroad, most of which were organised by the European Network of Judicial Training (REFJ/EJTN), which included visits to the European Human Rights Tribunal, the European Union Justice Tribunal, Eurojust, the EU institutions and the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, as well as various short-form (1/2 weeks) internships in various European countries, as well as a 6-month internship at Eurojust.

On the REFJ Activities Calendar – the report adds – there were 54 international training programs scheduled in 2022, to which a total of 787 sign-ups were made.