Covid-19 vaccine may be mandatory in Portugal

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The Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, admitted to the possibility of making vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory but considered that it is still too early to make the decision.

Graça Freitas during the usual press conference on Covid-19 in Portugal stated that “Portuguese legislation allows a vaccine to be used in an epidemic and in defence of public health to be mandatory.”

The prime minister announced the purchase of 6.9 million vaccines against Covid-19, worth €20 million, adding that in Portugal vaccination will be “universal and free”.

Asked about the possibility of making the vaccination mandatory, when the vaccine is available, the director-general of Health explained that this decision depends on several factors that include a “deep analysis of society” and the characteristics of the medicine.

“If the vaccine is, in fact, extremely effective and the added value for public health is very large, it can be considered a mandatory vaccination methodology”, she explained, adding that if it is a vaccine with a lower degree of effectiveness, the decision may be different.

In the case of the vaccine now purchased, this information is not yet available and, therefore, this decision cannot be made for now.

During the press conference, the president of Infarmed, Rui Santos, said that the 6.9 million vaccines acquired by Portugal constitute the first batch and that the acquisition of other vaccines is currently being negotiated by the European Union, in order to ensure a greater variety.

According to Rui Santos, among the 165 vaccines currently under development, 26 are already in the clinical phase, four of which are in the last phase of development and are at a more advanced stage.

In addition to influencing the decision on whether the vaccine is mandatory, the characteristics of the medicine may also be influenced by the number of doses required to ensure immunity and the definition of priority groups.


My brother who is 89 and has lived in Portugal for thirty years has just been charged 80 Euros for his Covid jab, 'Universal and free'? It is in England even if your a Portuguese national, as it should be if we're to stamp out this awful decease.

By Robert T Wood from UK on 03-07-2021 05:45

Any government, including Western governments (the US & U.K. included) have provisions in their constitutions to override individual human rights in the event of a PUBLIC health crisis. Covid -19 isn’t just about you. Mandatory vaccination won’t be necessary if the general public will educate themselves instead of falling into conspiracy rabbit holes!

By Julia from Algarve on 22-03-2021 06:52

It would be helpful if a Portuguese lawyer could comment here about the legality of such mandates under the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 with 2005 amendments. As I read the articles, basic human rights are to be protected even during emergencies. Individual consent to a vaccine should fall under that umbrella. The mere suggestion that a vaccine could be mandatory should already be triggering legal challenges in Portugal to ensure there are no constitutional infringements. Regardless of our positions on vaccines, we should all work together to protect our personal and constitutional freedoms, and to stop tyranny wherever it rears its head (including under the pretext of public health).

By Eric from USA on 23-12-2020 10:20

My body, my choice.

By Ze Manel from Algarve on 14-10-2020 04:50

“If the vaccine is, in fact, extremely effective and the added value for public health is very large, it can be considered a mandatory vaccination...."
Lets examine some logic here. The movie is so damn good that we will issue an order to buy the tickets mandatory. Makes sense right? I thought if something is that good you do not need to convince people with a mandatory law. They all should run and get it because it is so good. But obviously not in the minds of satanic ruling elites.

By Prometey Bezkrilov from Other on 12-10-2020 07:52

Oh Boy you guys made my day!!!!
Bill Gates is forcing us to mass vaccination, Portugal is a Communist Country, we are living under a dictatorship of Masks... C'mon.... I'm a COVID-19 Ward Nurse and believe-me there's nothing fake or conspiratory there. People get easelly infected and if you get to develop symptoms you might not die but you'll live the effects of aftermath and they are far from respiratory consequences. I've seen chronic hepatic problems to develop, kidney failure, inability to recover weight, dehydratation amongs other still under scrutiny effect on neurologic systems (on both sympathic and parasympathic) caused by low 02 during long periods.

Protectiong and Social Distancing Save Lifes.... Preemptive strikes save lifes...

Vaccination helped us to end up Polio, Smallpox, Measles and amongst others, it decreased the Flu lethal ration and now I'm seeing here people yelling threats against public figures because they'll study the possibility of making the vaccine mandatory if the Vaccine is to prove itself safe a effecting.... Non-sense.... You are a menace to any society worse than the Virus itself.

Moreover... Mandatory in Vaccination means that it gets into "Plano Nacional de Vacinação" it doesn't mean that you'll have medic in Colonial Hats with Dart-rifles shooting vaccines to people on the Street. You get the possibility to not get vaccined (as stated by a mother who didn't vaccine her child to Measles and she died at 16 two or three years ago) but without those "mandatory" vaccines you are unable to get access to some services of privileges such as become a public clerk, enroll on the military or security forces.

Get a grip people... Read some scientific publication, volunteer to nursing homes (they are needing it) and let Breitbart and QAnon forums alone....

By Gustavo from Lisbon on 30-09-2020 01:34

The idea behind this is so ridiculously fascist that I don't believe it will be carried out.

If, however, the Portuguese government will actually come so low as to make such a bad decision, they will not only undermine democracy in Portugal and as a whole, they will also guarantee that there will be violence and open rebellion in Portugal.

I know this, because I am Portuguese, and in such a scenario, I would be on the forefront of said violence and open rebellion, and would make it personally sure that at least a few government members would not go on living to witness the results of such a bad decision.

It's a promise.

By Dondoca from Lisbon on 18-09-2020 08:52

The idea behind this is so ridiculously fascist that I don't believe it will be carried out.

If, however, the Portuguese government will actually come so low as to make such a bad decision, they will not only undermine democracy in Portugal and as a whole, they will also guarantee that there will be violence and open rebellion in Portugal.

I know this, because I am Portuguese, and in such a scenario, I would be on the forefront of said violence and open rebellion, and would make it personally sure that at least a few government members would go on living to witness the results of such a bad decision.

It's a promise.

By Dondoca from Lisbon on 18-09-2020 08:50

Bom, pelo menos, de acordo com os comentários, ao menos os atrasados mentais dos anti-Vaxxers que cá estão a viver metem-se no caralho, só por isso já vale a pena

By Oscar Alho from Lisbon on 18-09-2020 01:14

The vaccine can unleash a real plaque something like inStephen Kings book The Stand, it is very very dangerous!

Astra Zeneca breaks vaccine tests - test participants ill

Astra Zeneca is temporarily pausing Phase 3 testing of the covid-19 vaccine that the company is developing, after a study participant became ill.

The company is now investigating the incident.

A test person has suffered from a "potentially unexplained illness", reports Reuters.

The tests of the vaccine are now paused and the company investigates whether the disease has been caused by the vaccine.

"A routine evaluation triggered a halt to vaccine testing to review safety," a spokeswoman for Astra Zeneca said in a statement, Reuters reports.

"Accelerate evaluation"
The company has not given a more detailed description of what kind of illness the test participant has suffered from, but the person is expected to recover.

"We are working to speed up the evaluation of the individual incident to minimize any impact on the testing schedule," Astra Zeneca wrote in the statement.

By Magnus from Other on 09-09-2020 03:12

IM and SQ vaccines are designed to stimulate a large IgG response, this is not immunity. Only oral vaccines introduced across the integument allows for the production and wedding of an innate, cellular and humoral response. Immunity occurs when a small number of self replicating exosomes which we call viruses come in contact first with our microbiome which extends several feet from our bodies.

If you have a healthy biome, the microbes will modify their viral signaling by such signaling as altering transmembrane protein complexes, the proteome which surrounds the RNA, or sharing its own microRNA. The microbiome can alter the activity, pathogenicity - so that the integumentary immune system is never even stimulated. Then, we share these new less pathogenic species with others. Herd Immunity.

If our microbiome can not alter it and the integumentary innate, cellular and humoral immune responses are stimulated, a healthy person may develop local IgA antibodies, but still only a portion of the time. This is the most reliable test we have for healthy people developing an immune response, but is only done experimentally Switzerland as far as I know.

Only persons with some moderate to severe level of immune and metabolic deficit will actually become very ill. A fraction of very ill persons will develop IgG measurable in the serum. However, this immune response is very costly to the immune system and costly for the metabolic system to clean up. It is immune dysregulation to make very large IgG responses and with COVIDS species ( there are tens of thousands circulating at a given time, 8 thousand documented in labs) this means large inflammatory responses that cause organ pathology --pulmonary, cardiac, renal and neurological. Forcing persons who are already immune ( likely the majority by now) or are healthy to get a vaccine that forces a large IgG response is dangerous. In fact, for the past 18 years of SARS-CoV vaccine research, re-exposure to the virus after vaccination caused pulmonary pathology, thus it was not developed. We have not received any data of the re-exposure to the virus under current studies. To my knowledge they have not been conducted.

A more appropriate approach if we were actually seeking health and infectious disease prevention, would be to support basic immunity which means having adequate levels of zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, A and C, selenium...(of course all the other micronutrients, but these above are often the most depleted in communities) and then expose those who were interested to any of the less pathogenic subspecies we have going around now. That would be not wearing a mask and go about being a human again. Those who are sicker and afraid, could then ask for an oral live- attenuated, if you feel more comfortable with a pharmaceutical company making a particular genotype. Of course, they have no idea what they are doing in terms of altering the proteome or less explored aspects of the genome.

What is the most concerning piece of all this media and political mandates discussion is in light of the fact that we know most people have been exposed as face masks do not stop the spread as the viruses live all over microbiome and integument so it gets left everywhere we go. Also, we had covids several months before shelter in place here in the US. Also, the death count is not elevated any longer. In fact, if you average, even in the US, the total number of deaths in the first 8 months of 2019 (before covid) was higher than the first 8 months of 2020 (during covid). So, we have most people already immune, why are we mandating vaccines at all?

By Sarah from USA on 09-09-2020 12:20

Ok, I did my research.....I looked at my immunization record that my mom gave me.
My body has the freedom to avoid diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, small pox, polio, measles, mumps, and reubella.
You probably had the same as a very young child. You cried then, and you're still crying now...

By William from Other on 03-09-2020 05:29

Mr Elon Musk just successfully implanted an AI chip into a living pig ... It doesn’t take a genius to imagine who they are thinking of implanting it into next ! Rocket science no more, it’s all in a day’s work by our beloved and trusted technocrats !

By P. Soares from Alentejo on 03-09-2020 01:01

I agree with the previous commentator M. Lopes. In addition to what was stated it is of paramount importance that the good people of Portugal and it’s international residents be aware always in their individual right to ‘informed consent’. In other words no one has the right to inject , intrude into one’s physical body any foreign substance in either liquid or solid form without absolute clarity and proof of its effect on the human body. Based on a reasoning that it will fend of a virus without substantiation of its harmful content that most vaccines carry is simply not good enough. Remember always exercise your right to “INFORMED CONSENT” before any jab into your body !

By Tiago Carvalho from Porto on 03-09-2020 12:50

People who are shaming anti vax folks are ridiculous and it shows that they did literally zero research. You think that you're smart but you know that you didn't look into it at all. So how can you claim anything? Based on what? Nothing.

- How long an average vaccine takes to make (hint: it can't be made in 1-2 years)
- Bill Gates's vaccine biz background and damage he did already for example in India
- Pharma is a billion $$$ business, someone will make insane money on this
- Bill Gates's speaches where he literally says that he wants to kill most people through things like vaccines
- Who's funding the WHO, background of heads of the WHO
- Someone wants to FORCE you to take a liquid in your blood. You don't stop for a second to think why? You don't think they have an agenda if they want to make sure you get it? Especially cause it's for a common flu (covid has complications on the level of a regular basic flu)

By M. Lopes from Porto on 31-08-2020 04:55

I am trying to get to Madeira to stay with my fiance. I was denied access August first, to travel even with documents from my Dr. it was safe for me with no symptoms. I want to have a covid-test to be there this year. So sad how the world is dealing with this. The US is the worst. People don't care to social distance or wear a protective mask here for some reason. But our current president is not helping to curve the increase in the virus. I am embarrassed for this country, because we should be better than this. Unfortunately our president is oblivious to anything except his election. People who don't take this seriously; well. sorry for your death. I don't care for the people who are not protecting themselves.

By Paul from USA on 31-08-2020 04:07

According to the Portuguese, here on this forum, as a foreigner you are not allowed to have critique or have an opinion about this possible measure. Thank you in advance for making me aware about this.
This is not about a vaccine but about the way in which this measure would be taken. What about the tourist ? Would they need also a vaccination.
This surprised me a lot in a democratic country, like Portugal is.

By W.Gevaert from Algarve on 31-08-2020 02:41

Goodness me, what a reaction! Those of us who are foreign citizens and living here for whatever reasons have made a choice and accepted this country and its systems. If we take the good we take the bad as well, that is integration.
I am not qualified to say anything about vaccines - are you? They go through tests and trials before decisions are made. In any case, the headline clearly says they are only considering if it will be made mandatory. And doesn't say to whom, perhaps only risk groups?
It has indeed been pointed out by scientists that the virus is mutating so we'll just have to leave it to the experts to do more research.

By Annie from Algarve on 31-08-2020 02:36

Yes, -- to all those who said "strange how all anti vaccine comments are from non Portuguese people": Interesting, isn't it?
I have in no other country witnessed that BLIND following and extreme repetition from people of the state progaganda in regard to wearing face masks, as in Portugal. It is very much a group country, and I didn't talk to a single Portuguese person who had researched facts for themselves independently from international media, to make up their own minds. All Portuguese people I have talked to just blindly followed the rules, and repeated the public narration, and "reasoning". So, maybe research for yourselves from different sources how EXACTLY vaccines are being created, and how they work, and also about vaccine history, which is one of the darkest in all human history.
Even then, you cannot know about long term side effects. Noone can after this short time.

By Ava from Lisbon on 31-08-2020 01:37

This Portuguese mandatory vaccine issue for Covid 19 would be political suicide for any country in the western world. Never in history has such a threat been issued without political blood being spilled. The European Union would be the first to suffer abolition.

The Corona Virus is about Control and the Extinction of Democracy to Tax and Enslave from Cradle to Grave.

It is all a hoax by those joined together by wealth they could never spend. This is not about money, "its about total control of the human race".

Bill Gates and his wealthy buddies would like to kill off those like myself over 50 to clean up the planet of pollution. While implanting chips in the rest of the human race to monitor.

Wake up,open your mind to facts. Why did Gates and friends hold a huge conference in New York in November 2018 with the subject: Corona Virus and Covid 19, before it was known about in China or released ? accidentally this year.

Why is Bill Gate and Buddies “Giving” $millions to the WHO, World Health Organisation who are supposed to protect our health NOT kill us off.

Millions are marching in anti Mask Protests. Like everyone we have the right to protest about the disguise and destruction of our economy. To create debt with interest, being paid by the sector least able to pay. To his Buddies. TOTAL CONTROL…...endgame.

Gordan Finch

By Gordan Finch from UK on 30-08-2020 07:20

What's at stake here is not merely the sacrifices a society has to make in a time of healthcare and economic crisis, but the length we are willing to go to by abdicating basic rights, one of which is the right of ownership of our own bodies, in exchange for safety (a false sense, maybe?). Here's a kicker: if some, or a lot, of people are afraid to get the virus, then all they have to do is voluntarily take the vaccine; then they'll (supposedly) be safe; so why force EVERYBODY to take it? It makes no logical sense, unless there's an underlying motive behind forced vaccinations. I'll leave this last riddle up to your scrutiny.

By InB4Ddoom from Algarve on 30-08-2020 05:29

I come from a country of fearful morons. Some regrettably within my own family. As long as the homework and safe research is done, I have no problem with taking a covid-19 vaccine and any required boosters. It's the only way to get back to normal without the loss of life required to achieve herd immunity naturally. That said, I have heard college professors and my own sister state they will refuse the vaccine. Rather then making it mandatory, I think educating the public is the wisest choice. Make a convincing case based on the facts. A much more diplomatic approach.

By Donald Pettit from USA on 30-08-2020 04:23

I will never ever take a vaccine. None can force me to do that????

By Eva Hörne from Algarve on 30-08-2020 02:02

I was planning to invest in Portugal and open a business. We had planned to hire local workers and provid employment.
We just found out about the communist takeover and forced vaccinations in Portugal.
This is horrible and we are now afraid to invest in Portugal. Now we will consider other countries to invest which do not force police state nonsense.
Truly sad for Portugal and their people. Now we won't be able to travel to Portugal confidently either. What a blow to the economy of Portugal which already struggles.

By Jenn from Other on 30-08-2020 12:34

In Nazi Germany everything was mandatory or else......

By Felix Leisinger from Algarve on 30-08-2020 10:44

Wow, EVERY single anti vaxx comment on this thread comes from people supposedly living in Portugal but with non Portuguese names.
It is almost as if bots and comment farms were actually invested in this sort of subject...

By João from Other on 30-08-2020 10:08

The funny thing about this comments is that 99% of the people complaining are immigrants, I bet you believe that the Earth is flat and the man never arrived on the moon. Its sickening being in 2020 and still have to deal with people so dumb that they fall prey to such narratives.

I do completely agree that making a vacine mandatory without any long term studies of its effect is completely wrong, but i do trust they will make the right decision in the end, Portugal public health service is pretty good compared from what i've experienced around the world.

By Bruno Miguel Silveirinha Pinheiro from Alentejo on 30-08-2020 08:07

Interesting that the vast majority vehemently protesting this are not Portuguese. Quem não está bem, mude-se.

By João from Lisbon on 30-08-2020 03:40

My cat has a chip on her back so they will always know where she is, she already had the chip when I got her at 1 year old, that is what they want to do to us through this vaccine , so they can control us. Adrian Lesher you sir are an idiot.

By Maria from USA on 30-08-2020 02:58

Hell No. If that happens I will never visit my beloved Portugal ever again, and if it happens in USA I will move to a different country . Screw you Bill Gates, let your kids get the vaccine first.

By Ashley from USA on 30-08-2020 02:51

"GET UP, STAND UP, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS". I will not take any vaccine, and I'm the only one to decide. Not any government will decide in my behalf!

By Peter Tosh from Lisbon on 30-08-2020 01:33

EVIL!!! WE WILL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. NO FORCED VACCINES. anyone who gets it, should be "protected" - and MUST leave the rest of us alone!

By Marianna from Other on 29-08-2020 06:21

Well if castration becomes mandatory I will certainly be leaving otherwise the head of health is just trying to get a job in Brussels and Cut of covi sales from big pharma
And I love Portugal

By Arthur ocheltree from Alentejo on 29-08-2020 05:37

Tell me where to go to br vaccinated and. I will ne the first in line. I will camp out in feont of the pharmacy like the crazies in my country do to get a deal on a tv.

By Judith Berns from Porto on 29-08-2020 05:03

Those that defend the vaccine take it! Go for it! If you take you are protected, let others do as they please!
Nobody has the right to impose anything on anybody! We are born free and own our bodies. Any fascist goverment that tries to impose a vaccine is stirling up trouble.
This vaccine is dangerous and a Mutilation. No vaccine can be instantly produced. Why do pharmaceutical companies want legislation to protect them from liability? Use your bain if you have one!
No vaccine for me! We need Civil Disobedience!

By Ana Tavares from Other on 29-08-2020 05:01

Never ! Over my dead body. Mandatory vaccine means I leave Portugal.

By susan from Alentejo on 29-08-2020 01:19

Don't forget: Portugal is less than 50 years from when it was a dictatorship. The government is highly Socialist and continues to get pushed further Left. If you don't make the stops now, it will be too late. The generations that lived in the dictatorship and comfortable with it are still alive and voting that way.

By Dan from Lisbon on 29-08-2020 04:51

CNBC interviewed Bill Gates. His words: He wants to force the world to get coronavirus vaccine. And says it will kill 700,000. FYI-the virus has killed 841,000, mostly as a COMPLICATION to something else. So he wants to kill healthy people...just in case.

By Dan from Lisbon on 29-08-2020 04:46

I can not believe in this nonsense. We will always be free individuals and we have the right to choose what is the best for us, nobody can take our essence away, as long we Love ourselves, we are spiritually beings living a human experiencing and if they think for one second that they have more wisdom than the Universe, they are fulling themselves. I wish Love to those people who are blind because of money, power and sadly will never experience the beauty of life.

By IURI GRAVITO from Lisbon on 29-08-2020 02:02

You all crack me up! Let me know when you're leaving Portugal. With the mass exodus, real estate prices are sure to come down, and I can retire there.

By William from Other on 28-08-2020 08:12

If vaccines become mandatory, many foreign residents and Portuguese will refuse and leave Portugal. Everyone reading this please watch THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES, which, in the case of are highly toxic. I, nor anyone in my family will consent to forced vaccination EVER without knowing what they contain, and wether they re at all safe and effective, which they are NOT.

By Ana Fonte Seca from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 06:40

And what with the next pandemie ? Another forced vaccination ?

By W. Gevaert from Algarve on 28-08-2020 06:10

The moral of this article is not merely about getting the vaccine or not. It is about something much greater than that .This is about the abolishment of our basic human rights and the slaying of our freedom in a democracy, Now this is how SERIOUS it is !

By Brett Wilson from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 05:48

When the consent to our freedom is stripped away from citizens in a society we would have quite literally stepped out of a democracy directly into a fascistic police state. This illegal deprivation our liberties will have severe consequences to our collective human rights. We, the people will NOT tolerate this. The Director-General of Health Ms Graça Freitas is treading on a very fine line by making such a statement. It is best she revoke her use of such language and intent. As a democracy we must collectively strive towards making progress through freedom and liberty NOT to go backwards into a authoritarian state of which history has clearly showed us its catastrophic failures and devastating results to mankind.
I quote the late German Historian, and Human Rights Lawyer Otto Gritschneder :
"Who falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship."
We the people will stand up against such approaches taken by our authorities even it means our streets being tainted with our blood as a consequence.

By Frederik Kahn from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 05:39

Is everyone in comments hear a crazy anti-vaxer QAnon supporter? The vaccine is being developed by Oxford University. All societies in times of great emergencies require things of citizens they wouldn't require. otherwise.

By Adrian Lesher from USA on 28-08-2020 04:56

I never got the flu vaccine and never caught the flu (so far)... So now the Portuguese health care system would decide to make it mandatory for me to get vaccinated for another type of flu?! A bit silly... Find a cure for others diseases... And let us live in peace

By Cat from Other on 28-08-2020 04:32

Never never, I refuse to take poison, which is the vaccine. Surely they put a chip in the vaccine so that they can follow every step we take. I would rather die than take this vaccine. If the vaccine becomes mandatory, then I will move from Portugal, unfortunately. But I am afraid that everyone in the EU will be forcibly vaccinated, that is part of the plan. It is no coincidence that 5G is now being launched for real. Monitoring the people.

By Kathryyn from Algarve on 28-08-2020 02:45

I would like to know from which country and which lab my vaccine came from. I would refuse to accept a vaccine from China. I would question the ethics of certain labs to get a vaccine out quickly. We have seen PPE from China and other medical support is substandard from China. It all had to be sent back from UK government purchase. Can you imagine a substandard vaccine? And how would Portugal decide which vaccines from which lab/country to use on whom? Yet another open public medical trial?

By Blu from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 02:30

I have been planning to retire to Portugal for a year now. I am waiting to see if there will be a mandatory vaccine in Europe and in Portugal. I can tell you that if there is, forget Portugal. If one does any kind of reading outside the regular press which will never divulge the truth, it is scary what Gates and company intend to put en these vaccines. There is no logic to the vaccine as there is no logic in shutting down the world economy for something less deadly than the flue. Please Portugal, do not go down this road.

By Bob from Other on 28-08-2020 01:46

Very dangerous, a rushed through vaccine with no long term studies, if you force the whole population to take including children and then find out it causes brain tumours to develop 2 years on for instance then you will lose the entire world population. This is very very dangerous.

By Adam from Algarve on 28-08-2020 12:59


By Ricardo Horta from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 12:44

I would not want to be forced to have the vaccine. There are always reactions and none of these vaccines have gone through the proper trial periods.

By Divienne Conyngham from Algarve on 28-08-2020 12:10

I spent 20 yrs. in the Military...Let me tell you about Vaccines...Nobody, and I mean Nobody is in Control of Your Health, You are...You make Vaccines Mandatory And You Will See A Mass Exodus from Portugal or Worse...Vamos!

By Sakamoto Saurez from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 12:02

Why would they already have developed a covid passport? It might not be mandatory but unless you want to be excluded from normal life you will have to take it. So it's basically mandatory.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 11:38

All flu of the future will now be Corona. Every year it is compulsory to get a (non-working) vaccine and a compulsory vaccination passport. That's the plan. I didn't come up with it, just read the links.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 11:36

Good luck to Portugal making covit 19 vaccine mandatory!
Or any other democracy for that matter! I was speaking to a virologist and he told me that it will be impossible to come up with a vaccine because this virus mutates, therefore if it mutates 1000’s of times then one would need 1000’s of vaccines. That’s why people that take the flu vaccine still get the flu because there are are thousands of flu virus out there!
It would be a money making machine for the pharmaceutical industry!

By Anna from Madeira on 28-08-2020 11:05

There are rights and duties. Every citizen has the right of health care, but every citizen also has the duty of participating in this health care.
In order to keep a public healthy everybody should have the duty to receive and the right to receive the vaccine which of course must be secure and without any traceable devices (as stated in some reports).

By Winny Bach from Algarve on 28-08-2020 11:00

We are totally against a mandatory vacine and agree that it would be against the idea of is important that we let our objections be know to the representatives in parlement. I have already emailed a representative I know personally

By aasta schneider from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 10:53

I agree, Olga Lopes, it is very unsettling. Many US states have mandatory vaccines, though. I don't think the authorities are going to hunt us down and attack us with the vaccine, but they will prevent us from going to shops, schools, public transportation, airports, beaches etc. unless we obey. The compulsory mask is just another way they have gradually started to take away our individual freedom.

By Stine from Algarve on 28-08-2020 10:49

Over my dead body. I decide what goes into my body, nobody else!
And this for a fatality rate of 0.02% of society...

At least we know there won't be a safe, effective vaccine for a long time...

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 28-08-2020 09:43

So Portugal also turns into the rubbish dystopia with forced vaccinations for a mild illness that only put 0.6% of the infected into hopsital. One might have expected this of Russia or China or so, but here. Learning never ends.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 09:30

If it was the case the vaccine becomes mandatory in Portugal , it will be the first country globally to do so. This will be an unprecedented move on the part of the authorities without substantiation that will jeopardise the right of consent of human freedoms. This is will be a dangerous precedent for a democracy.

By Olga Lopes from Lisbon on 28-08-2020 03:16
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