Portugal to present report to the UK to reverse quarantine decision

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Portugal will present a report on the epidemiological situation based on the criteria used by the United Kingdom to try to change the travel restrictions to that country caused by the covid-19, announced the Portuguese Foreign Minister.

"We had formally requested that the United Kingdom present the report on which it says it bases its decision and we received a response to that request today," said Augusto Santos Silva.

The Portuguese authorities will now present "information on the evolution of the Portuguese epidemiological situation exactly according to the parameters and indicators that the United Kingdom tells us it is using", he explained.

With this adoption of British indicators, the Government hopes that the next review of the list of countries required to be quarantined by the United Kingdom will no longer include Portugal.

"I hope that a next review by the British authorities will finally mean the recognition of the facts, because, in my opinion, there is no fact in Portugal that justifies passengers coming from Portugal to be quarantined in England," he said.

On July 24, the United Kingdom left Portugal out of the air corridor that removes the need for quarantine upon return to the country due to the covid-19 pandemic, reiterating the restrictions it had imposed for the first time at the beginning of the month.

The United Kingdom has "carried out revisions in the most restrictive sense, because it included, in the list of these countries subject to quarantine, others that were not previously", recalled the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The next revision of the list made by the United Kingdom should only be published at the end of the month, but the change in restrictions to Portugal may happen earlier.

"What the British authorities have said is that they regularly carry out this review, but that at any time they can do that", which "is true since they imposed quarantine on Spain two days after they published the new list", recalled Santos Silva.

If you disagree with the decision of the UK Government to continue to leave Portugal off the air bridge list, then click here to find details on how to sign a petition and lobby UK ministers.


Just go. Lovely place and quieter than ever but a lot of bars and restaurants may not be there next year if they don't see some tourists. Look at the data and make your own decisions if you feel let down by the UK government. Portugal is a far safer place to be, the Algarve especially. All of the rules are being followed by EVERYBODY. Also tourists are now insured by the Portuguese government although there are some companies in the UK that will cover trips to Portugal. I've just got home from a lovely 2 week trip and now have to isolate. I took a chance 2 Fridays ago and it didn't work out for me but I'm sure that it will be exempt in the next couple of weeks if the cases fall even further. 4 deaths in the 1st 5 days of the month before I left in the whole country. 0 in the Algarve. Where would you feel safer???

By David Holland from UK on 08-08-2020 09:51

I am busy relocating to Portugal.

By Chris from Other on 07-08-2020 06:10

As a Portuguese man living in London/Brighton, I find it a bit annoying that Brits only think of Portugal as the Algarve. There are many beautiful towns and cities and beaches across Portugal. So it is not just the Algarve which will take a hit. Maybe that's the reason I never go down south. ;) Either way, I think it's getting seriously bonkers now. Why is Portugal still not on the list? It beggar belief, specially since Portugal has done a great job containing the virus. You have countries like France and Belgium where cases are rocketing... However the UK decided no to take them off the list.... hmmmm I wonder why.... Of course!!! That Eurostar would otherwise be screwed and Macron wouldn't be so happy...
I have family in Luxembourg and I used to live there too. I can't visit my family nor friends in both countries since I'd have to self-isolate on my return. I am heading to Portugal in September, I really do hope that by then, Portugal will be added to the list!

By Daniel Rocha from UK on 06-08-2020 05:40

Won’t comment on the UK “green list” re PT, too late anyway. Can however comment that living in the area of Dunas Dorados that over the last week or so can hear the noise from Brits partying and shouting when passing my place. Oh what a surprise, embarrassing (but not surprising!) Sad to say as I’m a Brit.

By Mike from Algarve on 06-08-2020 02:04

Its the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Allowing people to travel to countries which saw the highest rate of cases and deaths alongside the UK itself and still leave a country which set itself up to tackle the cases and make sure tourism can resume in a safe manner.
Our holiday is in 4 days and we are awaiting some sort of minor miracle to allow us to go and visit the most beautiful place I have ever travelled to again.
Really not impressed with the way the UK have handled the airbridge policy definately the wrong hand have been shaken at some point.

By Donna from UK on 06-08-2020 01:44

Trust your leader Boris! The great post-Brexit future in the UK depends on you staying there on your small island doing your bit. For now, we pray we can ward off the unruly masses of tourists and continue to stay safe in the Algarve.

By Annie from Algarve on 06-08-2020 11:58

While I applaud the effort made to try and reverse the British governments decision I am afraid that it is far to late to have any effect on tourism for this year.

All of the British people I know (I am British living in PT now) most tend to book their holiday far in advance of actually going. There are only 3 weeks of school holidays left so few families can come now, coupled with the sheer economic problems mean that many cannot simply afford to go on holiday this year or perhaps even next.

By Jace from Lisbon on 06-08-2020 11:16

When will Portugal be added to the air bridge list. Its absolutely ridiculous Portugal is not on the list. Much safer here than Uk. Beginning to wonder if there are alot of politics involved.
Uk government just want Brits to spend there money at home and forcing them to do that by these quarantine rules.
Portugal should be added today or tomorrow at the very latest. Althogh i think that this year is already gone for people visiting the Alfarve.

By Barry from Algarve on 06-08-2020 10:33

Total waste of time boris (aldof) johnson, the new dictator of Britain does not the brits to come and see what a beautiful clean and safe country portugal is, because a lot of brits can now work from home, he is frightened a lot will stay and work from portugal. His plan is to make the brits have their holidays in crowded seaside towns in Britain and spread the virus more rapidly. And of course dump their contaminated rubbish on the beaches like the 33 tons they left on Bournemouth beach after a day out.

By KARL BLORE from Algarve on 05-08-2020 10:53
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