After moving to the green category in mid-October – relating to the best epidemiological situation on the ECDC map – Madeira has now fallen back to orange, following mainland Portugal and the Azores, which have remained so for a few weeks.

The moderate risk category (orange) refers to places where the notification rate of new infections is 50 to 75 per 100,000 population in the last 14 days and the test positivity rate is 1% or between 75 and 200 newly infected per 100,000 population and test positivity rate of 4% or more.

The ECDC map combines the notification rates of covid-19 cases over the past 14 days, the number of tests performed, and the total number of positives, and is updated weekly on a Thursday.

This map by the European agency follows a system of traffic lights on the spread of covid-19 in the EU, starting with green (favourable situation), passing through orange, red and dark red (very dangerous situation).

It serves as an aid to Member States on the restrictions to be applied to travel within the Community.