Portugal remains below the EU average, with unemployment having also remained unchanged at 5.8 percent.

Eurostat estimates that 13.26 million people in the EU, of which 11.18 million in the Eurozone, were unemployed in April 2022. If the comparison is made with the same month last year, unemployment ended up decreasing, in 2.5 million in the EU and 2.17 million in the Eurozone.

Looking at the Member States, unemployment registered in Portugal remains below the EU average, at 5.8 percent. Even so, there are countries with an even lower rate, such as the Czech Republic, with 2.4 percent, Germany and Poland, both recording a rate of 3 percent, and the Netherlands (3.2 percent).

The highest unemployment rates in the European Union are found in Spain, where it stood at 13.3 percent (a decrease compared to the previous month) and in Greece, with 12.7% percent in April (an increase compared to the previous month).

The European statistics office also publishes data on youth unemployment, which show that in April 2022, 2.6 million young people (under 25 years old) were unemployed in the EU, of which 2.12 million in the Eurozone. The youth unemployment rate was 13.9 percent in both the EU and the Eurozone, down from 14.0 percent in both in the previous month.