The Bank of Portugal (BdP) has warned Wednesday that entities operating through, and on Facebook under the name "CreditoJusto" are not authorised to exercise financial activities subject to its supervision.

"The activity of granting credit provided for (...) in article 4 of the General Regime for Credit Institutions and Financial Companies (...), and the intermediation and consultancy activities on credit agreements, provided for, respectively , in paragraph j) and p) of article 3 and in articles 4 and 7 of the Legal Regime for Credit Intermediaries (...), are reserved for entities authorised to exercise them, in accordance with the provisions, respectively, in those diplomas", stresses the supervisory entity.

The Bank of Portugal also advises that the lists of entities authorised to grant credit and act as credit intermediaries and consultants on credit agreements can be consulted on the Banco de Portugal website and on the Bank Customer Portal.