According to the analysis, and reported by ECO, the virtual consumption habits of the Portuguese are now more on par with those of more developed European countries.

Even in the face of an atypical year, still marked by Covid-19 and rising inflation, around five million Portuguese adults shopped online in 2021, half a million more than in the previous year, spending an average of around €54.50 per purchase.

The report also estimates a “slight rise” in the total value of online purchases in 2022, based mainly on the sale of services.

With regard to consumption habits, 73% of Portuguese people who use e-commerce admit to making at least one purchase per month, and 13% make purchases on the internet every week.

Women main consumers

According to the study, for the first time, the main consumers are women, representing 52% of all online purchases. With regard to age, the main consumers of virtual stores are between 18 and 44 years old. For CTT, there is "a new challenge for brands", which will have to develop effective ways of "capturing the most senior customer", who so far continues to prefer to consume in physical stores, but "will assume an important role in the future".

The type of product most sought after by consumers on the internet is clothing and footwear, says the CTT report, being highlighted by 73% of respondents who buy online. This is followed by electronic and computer equipment; books and movies; and, finally, hygiene and cosmetic products.

In the future, the report predicts that there will be less seasonality in online sales, as well as an increase in the number of purchases made per consumer.