The legislation for the “More Housing” program, has been published by the Government on the official LEX Consultation page – at a time when half the time foreseen for the public consultation of the new measures has already elapsed, which ends on March 10 – confirms that the issuance of new registration of local accommodation establishments is suspended until December 31, 2030, "with the exception of areas for rural accommodation, under terms to be defined by ordinance of the Government members responsible for the areas of the economy, housing and territorial cohesion".

Local accommodation registrations in force on the date of entry into force of this law expire on December 31, 2030 and “are renewable for five years, from December 31, 2030”.

Parish councils now have supervisory powers and the power to “apply the respective fines and accessory sanctions” in terms of local accommodation, along with ASAE and city councils, being able to “determine the temporary ban on the exploitation of accommodation establishments site, in whole or in part”.

The Mais Habitação Program foresees, among other measures, the provision of more land for housing construction, incentives for private construction or tax incentives for owners to place houses on the rental market.