AirHelp estimates that the third easyJet strike in Portugal, scheduled for July 21st to 25th, will impact “thousands of passengers”, and is therefore suggesting that affected passengers consult the “Air Passenger Rights Guide” to be aware of their rights.

In a statement sent to the press, AirHelp recalls that easyJet cabin crew in Portugal have already carried out two strikes this year, the first of which took place in April, while the second took place in late May and early June.

In July, easyJet crew members are preparing for yet another stoppage which, according to AirHelp, “will negatively disrupt the plans of thousands of Portuguese who had chosen this airline to fly on their summer holidays”.

“In strike situations, thousands of passengers will not arrive at their destination as they had planned. In the event of delays of more than three hours or flight cancellations, affected passengers may be entitled to compensation of up to €600. In 2021, at the European Court of Justice, AirHelp was able to demonstrate that airlines are responsible for announced and unannounced strikes and must compensate their customers when strikes are called by airline workers, which is what happens here”, says Pedro Miguel Madaleno, specialist lawyer, quoted by Publituris.

Know your rights

Pedro Miguel Madaleno recalls that, "often, airlines reject claims for compensation by passengers on the grounds that strikes are beyond the airline's control", something that the specialist refuses, guaranteeing that "the disturbances caused by strikes of airline employees are compensatory”.

AirHelp states that when a passenger is denied boarding due to flight cancellation, the passenger is entitled to a re-routing flight, in case the flight was cancelled or the connection was missed due to a delay by the airline, as well as food, drink and internet, as well as accommodation, if necessary due to a flight delay or cancellation.

“For this, it is important that the passenger collects and keeps all travel documents, as well as all communications and documents provided by the airline. These will be needed to claim refunds or compensation”, advises AirHelp.

If the flight is cancelled, the company also indicates, the passenger can give up the rerouting flight and request a refund of the total amount of the ticket and reminds that, if during the wait the passenger has additional costs caused by the interruption of the flight, they can ask the airline to assume the entire amount spent.

“According to Regulation 261/2004, which regulates flights departing or arriving in the EU, flight cancellations and delays may entitle passengers to compensation of up to €600 per person in case of delays of more than 3 hours on arrival to the destination, cancellation without prior notice before 14 days before the departure date and passenger boarding refusal due to overbooking caused by the airline”, recalls AirHelp.

AirHelp goes on to say that, “in the event of strikes called by airline workers, passengers have the right to file complaints and they are all eligible for compensation.”