Speaking to journalists, José Luís Carneiro declared that part of the revenues related to automatic speed control will be used to “finance the removal of 'black spots' on Portuguese roads”, whether municipal roads or at junctions between local roads, municipal roads and national roads”.

He said that the calculation carried out in 2022 was around 26.3 million euros.

The Government plans to use “part of this revenue to invest in local road safety contracts to be established with municipalities so that municipalities can invest in removing obstacles, which contribute to accidents”, he said.

José Luís Carneiro also announced that on September 20th he will take to the Assembly of the Republic the proposal for an integrated Road Safety strategy that will have three prongs.

According to the minister, the first has to do with attitudes and behaviours as the three main causes of road accidents are associated with attitudes and behaviours involving speeding, excessive alcohol consumption and driving while using a cell phone.

Secondly, it is planned to move forward with an integrated plan with the Ministry of Infrastructure and municipalities to remove the so-called black spots.

José Luís Carneiro recalled that the points contribute to being one of the causes of road accidents.

The third prong aims to create better conditions for emergency support whenever accidents occur on national roads.