The protest brought together 32 members of CULS who divided into four teams, handing out several posters on the windows inside the trains leaving the station.

The posters highlight that there have been no new trains on the Sintra Line for 30 years and list “delays”, “stations with increasingly less conditions”, “degraded infrastructure”, “lack of shelter”, “dirt” and “non-existent or unusable bathroom facilities” as problems caused by a lack of investment.

Speaking to Lusa, Miguel Rato, from CULS, states that there have been “remodeling and recovery of some trains that were abandoned”, but that this is “insufficient” for the problems experienced by users.

Miguel Rato also states that CP says there are no conditions to respond to the problems presented by the commission.

Another problem highlighted by CULS is the “insufficient supply of night lines” and the reduction in the number of carriages, particularly on weekends, which tend to be half the number of carriages on weekdays, having already led to overcrowding.

The problems on the Sintra line mean, in Miguel Rato's opinion, that people “avoid using public transport as an alternative”.