This Alentejan restaurant in Campo do Ourique in Lisbon is a joy.

A Trempe is a three pronged cast iron stand which proudly stood on Alentejan wood fires of yore, with cooking plates on top.

I was introduced to this extremely reasonable gem by James, many years ago. I am not sure how pleased he is going to be with me for spreading the word on his local, but times are hard and this restaurant deserves it!

As you sit down, a delightful little Alentejan basket is placed on your table with bread within. Then an even more delightful plate of Paio made from Black Iberian Pig, authentic pork scratchings, samosas and a beautiful mixed salad ware presented.

After these joys I would go straight to the main course. On the day I was there, Alentejan slow cooked Beef stew and Grilled Cantaril (a relation of the Azorean Boca Negra fish) were on the list of specials. The closest English translation for this fabulous fish I could find was ‘black bellied rose fish’. Key thing here is this delicious fish has red skin like red mullet, which helps the flavour along delightfully!

I went for the fish which at €15 for a whole fish was not only spectacular but a bargain.

The wine at this admirable establishment is fantastic, which is why I went for the house jarra, which was another bargain.

For dessert I would recommend Sericáia, which is a traditional dessert made from milk, eggs, flour and cinnamon.

I could not resist, however, being English and having cheese at the end of this magnificent repast rather than at the beginning. In this case the cheese was the magnificent Queijo de Azeitão, made from sheep milk, just across the 25 de Abril bridge in the Arrábida Hills.